Batwoman #3 Review

May 17, 2017


Batwoman #3
DC Comics

Written by: Marguerite Bennett & James Tynion IV
Art by: Steve Epting
Colors by: Jeromy Cox

The first panels of this issue are the study of the creation of a killer. We are given the back story on the tragic history of Tahani in Nigeria and how she was discovered by Safiyah after murdering her associate. The scene transitions to the present as Kate Kane attempts to infiltrate the Kali Corporation headquarters on Coryana. As she moves ahead physically and technologically, Julia is moving through the companies files to get some answers. As Kate makes her way to the office of the heads of the Kali Corporation, she is introduced to the strange siblings that run the business and told the even stranger tale of their birth (Take a moment to read the categories on Julia’s “Creepy Twin Bingo” game for some funny Game of Thrones and Matrix references).

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As Kate implants a device that affects the companies computer systems, she asks the twins for any information that they might have on the current location of Safiyah. As Kate continues to try and get information, she learns that the bar that Safiyah owned was left to an heir. As Julia continues to gather info, she finds that the island is holding a secret that could devastate everyone on it. At that same moment, Tahani reappears and helps the twins escape. As Batwoman descends to the bowels of the island, she comes face to face with Tahani and a battle that is years in the making.

The thriller aspects of this story continue to work really well. Bennett and Tynion IV have really captured a tight, engrossing thriller in this story. The mystery elements work as well because they have invested so much time into developing these characters that the passion Kate has for finding the missing Safiyah consumes the reader as well as the story progresses. The artwork is a beautiful blend of light and shadow. The action flows very well and I anticipate an epic final confrontation between Batwoman and Tahani.

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