BEEF BROS: No One Left to Fight writer announces Kickstarter campaign (PREVIEW)

Oct 27, 2020


Is your ideal superhero a champion of the working class? Do you think most superheroes have evolved into supercops?

If so, there’s a new Kickstarter campaign you may want to check out.

Aubrey Sitterson, the writer of Dark Horse’s No One Left To Fight, announced his first-ever Kickstarter campaign for his book with Tyrell Cannon: BEEF BROS.

“Instead of getting bogged down in theorizing and lectures,” Sitterson said, “BEEF BROS is based on the idea that humanity works best when we work together, that our natural state is cooperation, not competition.

BEEF BROS takes ideas and values that, for generations, have been positioned as weak or feminine — thinks like charity, generosity, kindness, and love — and shows them being espoused by two yoked up paragons of manhood. It’s an antidote to toxic masculinity.”

Joining Sitterson and Cannon on the project is Fico Ossio, whose vibrant colors will undoubtedly take over the page like they did in No One Left to Fight — which he co-created with Sitterson.

BEEF BROS is everything you like about “beat ’em up video games,” superheroes, wrestling and action movies with “all of the mean-spirited, hateful politics and ideology stripped away.” Instead, those have been replaced with something “kind, aspirational, and revolutionary.”

For those who want to back BEEF BROS or are interested in learning more about the project, the campaign is now LIVE on Kickstarter.

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