Begin Your Adventure: Explore The Emerging Categories Of Esport Games

Sep 3, 2020

Two Person Playing Sony Ps4


Leading a healthy life gets more straightforward if you follow healthy diet plans and exercise. Adding games to your routine boosts immunity in no time, and there are numerous other benefits of outdoor gaming. It increases metabolism, improves sleep cycles, enhances all body functions, and sharpens your mind.  

Ever since technology came in, the trend of outdoor games is diminishing. However, it is not a bad idea to keep the young ones inside and play games on devices. It is instead an easier way of engaging them with different games, which can help them in all aspects. The latest Xbox has a sensor that is fascinating for everyone. Simulation and continuous body movement for playing Xbox games keep the body in motion, which betters the function. Other games demand strong reflexes and extensive use of knowledge. Hence, playing online or digital games is not a bad idea. 

Did you know that the rising gaming industry has different niches to cater to everybody’s game demands? Esports has emerged as a profitable niche in the gaming industry. Lately, many games were trending, gaining fame and love globally, and the companies managed to earn millions. With the rise in esports, its broad categories have become more popular than ever. If you are a game fanatic, you must know them for easing your ‘best game hunt.’ On the other hand, if you wish to launch any game in this sector, you should acquire knowledge about all categories. Begin your gaming adventure once you know everything about everything in the area. 

Do you want to know some of the emerging categories of esports games before beginning your adventure? Here are a few popular types that you must know. 


Action movies have conquered the minds of the majority of the people for ages. Now, games are no less than a film. Such games challenge the players’ reflexes, reaction time, and coordination between hands and eyes. Games full of action get widely played worldwide, and the most popular ones are counter strike and Kirby’s adventure. The latest action game is Valorant that encompasses all the specifications of any action game. India today, while covering Valorant news, mentioned the upcoming prize-winning competition, occurring in September, for the first person shooting team tournament. The newer modifications by developers attract the geeks to explore and stick to their favorite action games. 

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Lovers of sports like cricket, basketball, and football can enjoy loads of exciting digital sports. Furthermore, the control is in the player’s hands so, controlling your favorite team players is the best feeling ever. Sports games are one of the most popular genres in this industry and account for the most significant revenue per annum ratio. Football fanatics have been getting hands-on FIFA series since the introduction of the game. Today, FIFA 19 and FIFA 20 are popular while FIFA 21 is still in the pipe. On the other hand, basketball is a rising e-sport as well. 


For people who admire action and adventure, game developers have made it easier by introducing action-adventure games. The Legend of Zelda, Lara Croft, and Metroid are some of the most loved games. Such games are a mixture of action and adventure, giving the player a challenging yet exciting experience. These games not only challenge your reflexes and hand-mind coordination, but your imagination has to tackle some difficulties too. 


Racing games are the favorite of teenagers and kids while some adults also enjoy these games. Their debut was in the 1970s with Gran Trak 10, and since then, advanced racing games have attacked the people of earth. Now, it racing has further branched into sub-categories for a more thrilling player-game interaction.

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Battle Royale Games 

PUBG (Player Unknown’s Battleground) has been the internet sensation these days, and none of us are unaware of its influence on the players. It is among the exhilarating battle royale games category, which has risen to the top in the past few years. The genre hit $20 million in 2019, and PUBG was the most significant contributor. In 2020, the revenue from the battle royale genre will be better than in 2019. The games are multiplayer video games allowing a group of friends to stay connected during the game. The blended elements include survival, exploration, and scavenging with last-man-standing gameplay. 


With advancing technology, simulations have penetrated many areas of the world, and the gaming industry is also enjoying its benefits. From simulation games, you can enjoy real-world activities. Games like Farmville and SimCity are most grossing, and most played games for years now. 


Esports has become one of the strongest and profitable industry. For game enthusiasts and entrepreneurs, the chances are bright to start a new journey. Game fanatics must learn the fundamentals of esports categories before buying any game. On the contrary, entrepreneurs must learn all details about each niche before launching any game for better revenue and profit. Action, sport, action-adventure, racing, fighting, and simulation games are the top niches. Every year has some exciting games for the world, and 2020 proved to be one of the epic years for the gaming industry. Let’s hope virtual and augmented reality bring the best advancements in the coming years and all the gaming categories.


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