Best Birthday Gift Ideas for Geek Gamers

Sep 9, 2019


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Choosing a gift for your fellow geek, but you lack a solid idea? Read our article and find numerous hot presents that are sure to amaze your geek gaming buff.

Best Birthday Gifts for Geek Gamers

Birthdays are fun but picking a gift not so much. There are people whose job is to choose gifts for other people precisely because most of us are indecisive or lack a creative, solid idea about what to purchase or make for our loved ones. 

It is even harder to choose a gift for someone who has an affinity for gaming and all things geek. Geek enthusiasts are notorious for gift-giving as they already own all those nerdy, geeky gadgets one might think of acquiring for them. Nevertheless, there are options.

To make it easy for you, we did the heavy-lifting and came up with several interesting ideas for presents that you can wrap up for your favourite geek gamers.

The BS Button

Our first birthday suggestion is the famous BS button. The specific button is the star of countless memes dispersed throughout the internet, and you won’t find a tech guru that doesn’t dream of getting his hands on this thing. The giant red button is perfect for those who don’t like listening to excessive nonsensical blabbering and trust us when we say – they will be very grateful for this treasure. You’ll even find yourself mouthing absurdities just to hear the “BS detected, take precautions!” blasting from the button.

Firefly Playing Cards

Fans of the Firefly TV show are a tough crowd to please. If your geek enjoys this Western and space drama mesh, finding something that will serve as an imperishable testament to the greatness of the show should be on your bucket list. However, Firefly paraphernalia is hard to come by because they have higher value due to the show cancellation. Thankfully, QMs and Ben Mund teamed up with Bicycle, the company that produces playing card decks, and designed the first licensed Firefly Playing Cards ever to be found on the market. Your beloved nerd gaming enthusiast will be delighted to place this gem in his collection. Although we doubt the cards will be used that much as they will be considered sacred.

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Vintage Slot Machine

If your nerd has a propensity for casino games, obtaining a vintage slot machine will be a dream come true. These ancient artefacts are the old-timers of casino games typically collected by antiquarians. Nevertheless, no matter the experience and years of collecting that you have under your belt, acquiring a vintage slot machine is a great idea. Today, slots are typically found online on sites such as, where you can play them for free and read their extensive reviews. However, whenever your nerdy gamer gets a vintage slot craving, he can turn to his personal one-armed bandit and play a round or two by pulling the handle.

Star Wars Ice Trays

The Star Wars franchise is so popular that the merchandise featuring the signature characters and the logo is present everywhere. Statistically speaking, most trueborn fans already own a myriad of Star Wars insignia, but we bet they do not own Star Wars ice trays. These nifty little things are both practical – everybody loves to refresh their drinks with ice cubes – and they are the ultimate geek gift. By owning these ice trays, your cherished gamer will never run out of ice, and he will also have a chance to show off his R2-D2s floating in the cup to his friends when they come over for a Star Wars marathon. They are made of silicone which means you can use them both for the freezer and put into the dishwasher. Besides R2-D2, you get numerous other shapes, including the Millennium Falcon. 

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Bubble Wrap Calendar

This gift is perfect for all of us who spend many hours in front of the computer stressing over work or a game. Playing games is sometimes stressful, so finding a creative item to vent is needed. This is where the Bubble Wrap™ Calendar comes into play. 

Bubble wrap™ is used for protection of highly fragile objects, with the recognizable air-filled bubbles that pop when you squeeze them hard enough. The activity of popping these bubbles is now famous for being anti-stress solution for relieving stress. There’s even an app that allows you to pop virtual bubbles if you don’t have a real wrap in your vicinity. The Bubble Wrap Calendar is a combination of a calendar where you can track days by popping bubbles. 

This is literally the greatest thing since sliced bread. Your geek friend will be popping bubbles and playing games all day – you should probably consider buying 2 calendars in case the first one gets destroyed before the end of the year.

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