BIG RUMOR: Emily Carmichael and Elizabeth Wood Meeting To Direct ‘Captain Marvel’

May 16, 2016


Captain Marvel anticipation is ramping-up with the announcement by Kevin Feige that Marvel would reveal their director and lead this summer.

Sites have been suggesting short director Emily Carmichael, when The Wrap teased that the director might have the same first name of the lead actor. Jeff has gone on the record that he wasn’t reporting when he stated that. A recent post on her Instagram account pointed to a meeting with Disney, not Marvel, this leading some to speculate a Marvel project.

I’m not really willing to buy into Carmichael is is the mix based on the lack of actual information here.

A more creditable report comes from We Got This Covered claiming that White Girl writer-director Elizabeth Wood is now in the mix. A young talent with a Sundance film seemingly fits their new goal of hiring upcoming directors to launch new franchises.

Yet, I can’t totally jump on board on this one either, until we get some others backing this up.

I’ll throw my two-cents into the batch, I’ve heard directly from a Marvel source that studio wants directors with screenwriting talent for upcoming projects. This was confirmed recently with Scott Derrickson revealed as a co-writer on Doctor Strange, Ryan Coolger co-writing Black Panther, and I’ve been told the Captain Marvel director (yet to be confirmed) will also have writing duties.

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Luckily, Carmichael and Wood do fit into this category which makes them potential candidates. This all depends on how accurate this is to begin with, and if they’re even being eyed for Marvel projects and not something else in the Disney family.


Carmichael’s name being pushed forward because everyone assumes that Emily Blunt is a lock, after rumors backing that up until her pregnancy was revealed. Not to mention her involvement with My Little Pony, Disney’s Mary Poppins sequel, Sicario 2 and the Edge of Tomorrow sequel. Blunt has passed on multiple Marvel leads in the past, it’s possible she might be just too busy as Carol Danvers is sort of confirmed to be apart of the next two Avengers films shooting this fall/winter.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead could fit the bill too, originally being in the mix for the Sharon Carter role and being thrown back into the spotlight thanks to 10 Cloverfield Lane.

Another potential name could be former Spider-Man actress Elizabeth Banks, who has been working hard in commercial projects lately and even started directing films. I wouldn’t put it past Marvel to hire an actor with a directing background.

This a huge rumor because they’re not being picked-up by the usual scoopers or even the trade reporters that have been covering this story for a couple of years. I say huge rumor because Disney needs a bunch of directors for many upcoming live-action films and they’re not just for Marvel projects. I wouldn’t be terribly shocked if these ladies aren’t being looked at things besides Captain Marvel, assuming because they’re female directors they can only make that film is a bit shortsighted.

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Lucasfilm’s Kathleen Kennedy wants to meet as many female directors and screenwriters for future Star Wars films and those meetings are likely a revolving-door, allowing those interested to make their pitches to the studio.

Another batch of projects that don’t all have directors are Disney’s fantasy/fairytale live-action projects, seeing upcoming talent getting hired for those projects are likely as well. Turning their successful animated films into live-action projects trying to mimic the breakouts Alice In Wonderland and Jungle Book.

Some director names we’ve heard in the mix previously last year included Angelia Jolie and Ava DuVernay. Ava had been originally wanted for Black Panther, but turned it down with Creed‘s Ryan Coogler taking the spot instead. There had been some reporting that she had been looked at for both Panther and Captain Marvel.


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