BIG RUMOR: Jessica Cruz In ‘Green Lantern Corps’ and ‘Justice League Part 2’?

Mar 25, 2016


In Green Lantern Corps., I think it’s safe to say that Hal Jordan and John Stewart will be apart of the film, but the question remains will Jessica Cruz have a leading role as well?


Newsarama has a theory that Cruz might not just be our leading Lantern in the solo film, but could possibly be the Green Lantern that joins the ranks in Justice League Part 2. Something that might be echoed in Geoff Johns’ Rebirth and the site has been betting hard she’d land a top-spot in the DC cinematic universe.

It seemingly amounts to nothing but their own speculation, yet it does make a bit of sense to us.

Johns is currently highly active with the films, as it’s likely he’ll have some script involvement with Green Lantern Crops. and he’s said to be already penning The Batman outline with Ben Affleck. Cruz is a creation of Johns, so making the character work for the cinematic universe wouldn’t be that hard of a task.

Essentially, Warner Bros. and Johns did tease multiple Green Lanterns in the DCCU special on CW and it’s safe to assume we could be seeing pretty much all the human Lanterns in the film.

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Adding more female members to the Justice League ranks makes a lot of sense as well.

Wonder Woman is getting some of the more serious buzz from Batman v Superman and her solo film looks totally badass. Zack Snyder has already added Amber Heard’s Mera to the lineup helping to setup her involvement in the Aquaman film, so including a third female member to the League wouldn’t be totally shocking to us.

Another bit of reasoning comes from Star Wars: The Force Awakens successfully breaking down prejudice of female heroines leading huge blockbusters, not to mention creating a new generation of boys and girls willing to support a female led franchise.

However, I don’t think she’d be the only Lantern added to the Justice League lineup.

Here are two Latina actresses I think could really give the character the depth she’d need to be taken serious, sorry to the fans championing Michelle Rodriguez to take the part.

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Gina Rodriguez (Jane The Virgin, Deepwater Horizon, Annihilation), was once up for a lead role in Star Wars: Episode VIII, so it’s not hard to see franchise potential with the young actress.

Rosa Salazar (Maze Runner: Scorch Trails, Insurgent, American Horror Story, Parenthood, Batman: Arkham Origins, CHiPs), this rising actress seemingly has gone under the radar but really should be getting a bit more attention in the near future. She’d make a great unknown addition to the DCCU, but I’m curious if her YA genre roots might be negative.

I’m super curious to learn if their Lobo film being currently developed by  Wonder Woman screenwriter Jason Fuchs will have any Lantern connections, considering both could be heavily set off-world in the cosmic side of the DC cinematic universe.

Do you think Jessica Cruz will be our next Green Lantern?



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