BIG RUMOR: ‘Planet Hulk’ Being Absorbed Into ‘Thor: Ragnarok’?

Jan 25, 2016


A former Latino Review writer is claiming that he has an inside scoop on the production of Thor: Ragnarok via the website Stating that the reason they’re including Hulk into the film is to flush out elements from the Planet Hulk comics.

The report suggests (huge rumor) that both Thor and Hulk will somehow duke-it-out against aliens on another planet similar to the gladiator ring from Planet Hulk. Take with a huge grain of salt, because this isn’t coming from a site with a major history of scoops, no matter who the writer is.

A while back Latino Review reported that Marvel was looking to make Planet Hulk into a film, with World War Hulk being used for an Avengers installment. You may have heard that because of tensions between Universal and Marvel Studios, a solo Hulk film looked like a very unlikely option. A way to combat this, and use stories like Planet Hulk and World War Hulk is just add it to other Marvel films instead, like Ragnarok or Infinity War.


Concept artwork from Thor: The Dark World revealed a bunch of characters from Planet Hulk were going to cameo in the film, but were ultimately cut. They included Hulk’s alien wife and the same alien race as Beta Ray Bill. The rock alien from Dark World also featured in Planet Hulk, and could make a return.

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I’m curious if this sets the┬ástage for the first act, if so, this seemingly might mess-up chances to explore the other realms in any real depth. We’ve heard that Earth won’t have a huge role in the film, but setting it on another planet rather than realms seems odd. I just hope Hulk doesn’t highjack the film, and it becomes Planet Hulk featuring Thor.

Hela and Surtur are the rumored villains of the film, it’s a bit weird they’d try to wiggle-in Planet Hulk, which could introduce another one via The Red King (Red Skull?).

We’ve seen Marvel solo film ideas get thrown into other movies in the past. Nick Fury‘s spin-off was combined with Captain America: The Winter Soldier to make that film a bit meatier. This could be the case for the Thor sequel, which is considered lacking the most quality out of the Marvel Studio films and could use the extra material.

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