Bill and Ted Face The Music Want You to Party On!

May 6, 2020

As Bill S. Preston, Esquire once told us, “Be Excellent to Each Other!” In this current climate that needs to be reminded of each and every day. So, in the spirit of the Wyld Stallions and the upcoming release of Bill and Ted Face the Music, writer Ed Solomon posted on his Twitter page a way for fans to become part of history.


On the website Party On With Bill & Ted there is information and instructions on how you can have a video entered to be shown in the film. Be sure to listen to demo track on the top of the site, that will be your inspirtation for your rocking out. Videos should be 30 seconds or less and show off your musical skills, whether real or fictional.





There are a few rules that you must abide by (no logos or copyrighted materials) but the biggest rule is to HAVE FUN! Get creative, get inventive and just get completely crazy! Submissions need to be into the website by May 20th. So make some videos and Party On Dudes!

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