Bill & Ted Save The Universe #2 REVIEW

Jul 19, 2017

Mad Cave Studios


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Bill & Ted Save The Universe #2
BOOM! Studios

Written by: Brian Joines
Art by: Bachan
Cover Art by: Derek Charm

We join Bill & Ted back in space, but they are not alone.  It is time for a most excellent family reunion!  Turns out that the Wyld Stallyns were space-napped by none other than their own moms!  It is through them that we learn how important Bill & Ted’s music is.  We already know that these guys can rock, but come to find out they can also bring peace.  Peace does not come without its price, though.  In order for them to save the universe, they have to take the band on tour… a 10-year tour.

This epic opportunity would mean they would have to leave their sons and the princess babes.  Is it worth it if you know what is on the line?  That is a question only the two most righteous of friends can answer.  Even Rufus can only do so much this time around.  This issue really hits you in the heart with the conflict.  Though it is hidden in witty banter, and awesome space fights.

While this story is not really bringing anything new to the table, it is fun.  I can hear the voices of the film’s stars come through the panels, and that is pretty cool.  The art style still has issues in a few areas, but it grows on you.  I would recommend this to somebody, like me, who wants to feel like they are back in the 1990s.  The nostalgia is thick in these pages.

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