Bill & Ted Save The Universe #4 REVIEW

Sep 19, 2017

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Bill & Ted Save The Universe #4
BOOM! Studios

Written by: Brian Joines
Art by: Bachan
Cover Art by: Derek Charm

In this issue of Guardians of the Galaxy… wait, wrong book! But, wait, this is a story about a motley crew of non-hereos trying to save the universe. That is about where the similarities end, though. With issue four, we really get to dive deeper into the wants and needs of Bill and Ted. I did not expect this comic to get so deep in a lot of the themes that it covers. We have seen Bill and Ted go from trying to have a normal life, to be being sucked into space, and the meeting their moms. After all that, they learned that their music could save the entire universe. That is a lot to ask out of this rocking duo!

Bill & Ted have to decide what is more important, saving the galaxy, or being happy in their new lives on Earth. Normally these two agree on everything, but this decision could tear them apart.  And it does, for a time at least. This is not a spoiler because right at the beginning the band breaks up. What is so well done in this issue, is the character development. As I said earlier, Bill and Ted are deeper than they look. So what is going to happen? Will the Stallions reunite? Will the excellent moms return to Earth? And what is Deacon going through during all of this? It is worth picking up issue 4 of Bill & Ted Save the Universe to find out the answers to all of these questions and more!

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