‘Black Panther’ Officially Crosses $700M At The Domestic Box Office

It’s now official!

Despite being on home video and digital, Marvel’s Black Panther has inched across the finish line domestically crossing a massive $700 million. Only two other films have been able to do this, Avatar and Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

It’s a huge milestone for features starring a majority black cast and developed by black filmmakers. Completely destroying the Hollywood myth that domestic and international audiences won’t support a black blockbuster.

Panther’s global total hit an astounding $1.34 billion, placing it at number nine on the list of Top 10 all-time worldwide earners. A landmark for black cinema.

Fans are now eagerly waiting on the announcement for a sequel which is likely to be part of Phase Four plans once Kevin Feige is ready to reveal that lineup to the public.


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