Blackest Night, the Final Frontier, A “Star Trek & Green Lantern #3” Review

Sep 8, 2015


gl1Star Trek/Green Lantern (#3 of 6)
IDW Publishing

Written By: Mike Johnson
Art By: Angel Hernandez
Colors By: Alejandro Sanchez

The lantern rings have found their new owners, and the crash course on their abilities has shown those who want to use it for evil, just how destructive the powers can be. Those who wish to use the powers for good, are already being tasked with supporting and helping others. The story is at the midway point and we have just learned how the spectrum of lantern rings made it to this universe. One of the guardians enacted the “Last Light” protocol causing everyone wearing a ring to instantly be brought to another universe for the safety of the rings and their power. This “Last Light” occurred during a war of the lights, where the spectrum of lanterns is fighting side by side, to save their universe. Because lets face it, if its dead and destroyed by the Black Lanterns, then there won’t be a universe left to save or terrorize.gl3

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I love the idea that Mike Johnson has put forth here. Even though red and blue, green and yellow all opposed each other, they have one common reason to fight together; their universe is about to die. Not only was that idea really fun to think about, but it also serves as a great introduction the main plot of this miniseries. With the “Last Light” bringing ALL the lanterns over, that means even Nekron of the Black Lanterns is now in this universe. The status of the Lantern Universe is gl2unknown, but now they ( The Federation, Romulan and Klingons) are going to be put in the same predicament with their universe under threat. If you are new to Star Trek, those three groups have a long history of uncooperative and heated battles.

Lantern comics have a tendency to be colorful and explore the universe and spectrum of emotions, Alejandro Sanchez has done an amazing and wonderful job bringing the colors of the Spectrum Wars and making the lantern corps pop with life. Adding in the scientific and adventurous Star Trek crew, Angel Hernandez has his hands full with delivering a series that fans of both franchises sill enjoy through his illustrations. The Enterprise crew looks very well done and resemble their movie counter parts. The raw emotions that are represented by the colors of their rings, shows strongly and emphatically. With the training and introduction of new and old lanterns handled, and the reveal of the main story already putting pressure on everyone, the final three issues will be packed with colorful action and I’m sure a thrilling Captain Kirk heroic moment or two. This Star Trek & Green Lantern crossover is an event sci-fi fans, superhero lovers and comic book enthusiasts will want to pick up.

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