BlockDAG’s Race to $10 Ignited by Top Influencer—TRON and Stellar Struggle to Compete  

Jun 22, 2024

BlockDAG is currently in the spotlight due to a significant presale boost, which comes on the heels of a viral endorsement by a prominent crypto influencer. As TRON strives to meet a forecasted price of $0.13 and Stellar struggles to bounce back, BlockDAG excels with its cutting-edge technology and strategic initiatives. This influencer endorsement has sparked substantial investor interest, with the presale now boasting sales of 11.7 billion BDAG coins and $52.7 million raised. Additionally, BlockDAG is making impressive strides in the realm of crypto-mining equipment. The powerful X30 miner, capable of yielding $6,000 daily if BDAG reaches $10, continues to fuel the excitement.

TRON Price Watch: Targeting $0.13  

TRON (TRX) is currently on an upward trajectory, characterised by an ascending channel that suggests a potential rise to $0.13. The Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) indicators show positive signals, supporting the ongoing bullish trend. If this momentum is sustained, TRX is expected to challenge the key resistance by nearly $0.13. 

Nonetheless, the Fibonacci Retracement Indicator points out critical support and resistance levels that could lead to potential market reversals. If investors start taking profits at the 0.786 Fibonacci level, it might undermine TRX’s bullish trend, possibly driving the price down to $0.10.

Stellar (XLM) Eyes Recovery  

Stellar is poised for a rebound following a recent downturn, with its price now stabilising above a year-long low of $0.096. The Relative Strength Index (RSI) for Stellar is nearing a neutral state at 50.0, signalling a potential recovery. Optimism remains high as Stellar exhibits growth signs, bolstered by a steady high funding rate. The rising RSI indicates that XLM could re-enter a bullish phase soon, although achieving $1 in the current market climate remains a tough challenge.

BlockDAG Gains Momentum with $52.7M Raised from Influencer Endorsements  

BlockDAG has significantly caught the crypto community’s attention, particularly following a positive review and endorsement by a well-known influencer on the Honest Chain YouTube channel. The video has attracted over 34,000 views and numerous positive comments. This endorsement has notably increased investor interest, propelling the presale, which started at just $0.001 in Batch 1 and has escalated to Batch 18, priced at $0.0122. So far, the ongoing presale has gathered $52.7 million in investments, with 11.7 billion BDAG coins sold.

BlockDAG stands out with its state-of-the-art ASIC technology and strategic partnerships, raising the bar in the crypto sector. The influencer emphasised BlockDAG’s effective implementation of a proof-of-work consensus mechanism within a directed acyclic graph (DAG), enhancing security and scalability. With the mainnet launch scheduled in four months and a testnet expected in mid-August, BlockDAG is executing its ambitious plans precisely.

Additionally, the X30 miner, boasting a robust 280 GH/s hash rate, is creating a buzz in the crypto-mining world. This miner could earn up to 600 BDAG coins daily by earning an impressive $6,000 daily when BlockDAG hits its predicted $10 price. Designed for both scalability and efficiency, the X30 miner is a prudent investment for the future of crypto mining.


BlockDAG is poised as a transformative force in the crypto market, underscored by a powerful endorsement from a leading influencer. This endorsement fueled its successful presale, moving through 18 batches and showcasing its potential to outshine TRON and Stellar. With the promising returns from the X30 miner and BlockDAG’s innovative technologies, the project is drawing significant investor attention. As TRON bulls defend crucial price levels and Stellar displays recovery signs, BlockDAG emerges as an appealing investment opportunity. 

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