Blood Stained Teeth #1: Image Comics Review

Apr 25, 2022

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Before reading Blood Stained Teeth #1, put your sunglasses on, lather on the sunscreen. Without them the art and colors of this book will burn you like a Vampire in the sun. The art is beyond neon. With an interesting and deep story, Blood Stained Teeth #1 from Image comics is must buy for fans of vampires, and the occult in comics.

Image Comics
Written By: Christian Ward
Art By: Patric Reynolds
Colors By: Heather Moore


Atticus Sloane inhabits the role as protagonist. In the role he his both a self-proclaimed bastard and downright bad guy. Yes, he is a protagonist, do we feel sympathy for him? Not so much. But that is what makes him his engrossing. In that sense alone Atticus is loads of fun. In all the right ways.

The world that creators Christian Ward and Patric Reynolds have created, finding a “good person” may be a hard task. In the simplest terms, Atticus is entertaining. Through him, we see the story and world of Blood Stained Teeth and how it’s told. We learn about the why and the how of the world. With Atticus we also get the central conflict that will ensue over what would appear to be the first story arc. No spoilers but the creation and the killing of “made” vampires is exciting and a new fresh take on vampire lore.


Heather Moore please take a bow and accept praise for the foreseeable future. Colors leap off the page and will strike you across the face. They are bold, and they are important. They express the times and the characters. Along with Reynolds pencils the entire first issue explodes with explosive precision. The colors feel very 80s. They lead with the pop of the colors of neon and pastels.

Character designs are sad when they need to be, and scary when the opportunity arises. City landscapes are grand and full of life. Panel placement and page layouts are a feast for the eyes and increase the enjoyment and ease of read page after page. Covers A,B and C for the first issue are all top tier and it might be a difficult decisions which cover will grace your stack this week. There is not wrong choice. The art is beautiful on all covers.

Overall Enjoyment

Looking to expand your Vampire intake this week? Blood Stained Teeth #1 provides. It’s a a refreshing and engaging look at the under belly of a Vampires in a Social Media society.

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