The Bloody Best of Lenore REVIEW

Sep 5, 2017

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The Bloody Best of Lenore
Titan Comics

Story and Art by: Roman Dirge

I have been reading comic books for as long as I can remember. I try to give every genre I can a chance. Now, while I do like Marvel and DC’s books, I find that my favorite stories come from the smaller companies. This was something I only notice looking back at the titles that really wowed me. A great example of a comic book that dug its way into my heart and now rides permanently in there is Lenore by Roman Dirge. Roman is able to take you on a journey through the eyes of a cute, little, dead girl. Not many writers can do that and keep it endearing.

My first recommendation to anybody interested in picking up a Lenore book is… do it! Stop reading this review, and go buy a copy of this collection or any collection you can of her stories. You will be amused, entertained, and touched by the art and words Roman puts to paper. And each issue is timeless. You are following around a half embalmed girl from about 100 years ago who has no need for modern convinces. In fact, she still seems to be learning how the world around her works. I mention the timelessness of the stories because my jaw hit the floor when I saw the “25th Anniversary Collection” title across the Titan Comics web page. I cannot believe that I have had this adorably creepy girl in my heart for so long.

Now before you turn your back on my cute, blonde friend here, when you see the price point, let me tell you that she is worth it. Not only are you getting a ton of comic (over 170 pages) for that price, you are also getting a lot of extras. This collection has classics such as Babysitting, Ragamuffin, The Fugly Duckling, and more poems than you can shake a dead cat at! It is available digitally, but I would recommend the embossed hardcover edition. That way whenever you run into Roman Dirge, you can have him sign it. Before I leave and go re-re-re-read some Lenore comics, let me entice you with this last bit. When you buy Roman’s The Bloody Best of Lenore, you also get a look at his first-hand drawing of this cutie and so may art extras.

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