‘Boba Fett’ Standalone Movie Seemingly Revived and Coming In 2020?

Dec 24, 2016


You might remember that before the Han Solo standalone film got the green light from Lucasfilm there was another mystery standalone project being developed for director Josh Trank. It turned out to be a bounty hunter-centric film that would focus on Mandalorian Boba Fett and Trank was said to be ready to show early sizzle footage at Star Wars Celebration before his abrupt exit.

Chris Miller and Phil Lord’s Han Solo would take the spot instead.

There’s been an update on the stalled project as it’s seemingly back in-development according to new information we’ve discovered, you can see it below.

Being on-the-books doesn’t mean too much when two other films are currently the main priority for the studio. As far as we know there isn’t a director attached for this Boba Fett film and without a placeholder production start it doesn’t sound like it’s ready to go anytime soon.

Lucasfilm’s Kathleen Kennedy and Disney’s Bob Iger have supported the idea that Trank’s project is most likely still moving ahead.

While speaking in Japan back in May 2015, Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy promised to Kotaku that Boba Fett was a “high priority” (via Kotaku Japan/Star Wars News Net).

Kotaku: In yesterday’s kick-off meeting, you joked that Jar-Jar does not come back. On that note, will Boba Fett come back? Also, is there a possibility of Ewok re-appearance?

Kennedy: “Don’t worry: Boba Fett is a high priority on our list, please wait. But seeing how the Ewoks could return is a little harder to imagine. It is quite difficult to give the many stars of Star Wars their own stories on film.”

That summer Kathleen Kennedy would reiterate to Entertainment Weekly that Josh Trank’s standalone project would still be made without him and confirming it was still in development at the studio.

X-Men producer and writer Simon Kinberg were developing that untitled movie, and Chronicle director Josh Trank was set to direct. When Trank ran into already-legendary trouble making the disastrous Fantastic Four reboot, he ended up stepping down from the Star Wars job. Sources tell EW that we almost saw a teaser reel for that film at Star Wars Celebration in April until Trank’s participation was put on hold at the last minute. (Lucasfilm won’t comment on that, or the subject of the movie, but we heard about its lead character on good authority a while back.)

Kennedy did provide an update on the state of that movie, which has not yet hired a new director. In short: don’t worry, it’s not going away.

“It’s still one of the stories that we absolutely want to tell,” she says. “There is a lot of innovative technology in and around what it is we’re doing with that story, so for a lot of reasons, we were comfortable postponing that. But we’re definitely still developing it.”

It doesn’t have a date, but it will probably come in 2020, after the conclusion of this new trilogy with Episode IX in 2019.

In September, Disney CEO Bob Iger confirmed at an investors meeting that they had hired a writer for an unnamed third standalone film set to be released in 2020 (via Deadline).

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“We love what we’ve seen” for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, due in December, a break from the past because “it does not fit neatly into the Skywalker saga.” He doesn’t expect sales to match last year’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens, “but interest is high.”

Meanwhile, he just heard a pitch from the director of the Star Wars movie due in 2019 and has hired a writer who’s developing another stand-alone Star Wars film for 2020.

The assumption being that this standalone film would begin filming at some point in 2019. This leads us to believe it could be Boba Fett if it’s indeed coming after Star Wars: Episode 9. We haven’t heard any concrete plans for Star Wars: Episode 10 or any other standalone projects in active development outside of Ewan McGregor’s desire to star in a Kenobi movie, which we learned last month isn’t in any sort of development phase currently.

It’s possible we might already know who this writer Iger is talking about.

It had been said that Lawrence Kasdan (Empire Strikes Back, Return of The Jedi) was penning the script, which made sense due to his role in the franchise, writing for the character in the original trilogy along with recently co-writing Force Awakens and Han Solo scripts.

Then again, they could keep Simon Kinberg on as well.

However, Han Solo is currently casting supporting roles and this project resurfacing days after they started another major casting has us speculating that Boba could be showing up in both upcoming standalone films. Kasdan possibly writing both films likely set in the same pre-A New Hope era gives wiggle room for the two characters to cross paths as they do mingle in the same murky criminal circles.

Lucasarts was developing a bounty hunter game called Star Wars: 1313, which turned into a Boba Fett game that got thrown into development hell after Disney purchased Lucasfilm. There’s a chance that this material could have been seen has more valuable as a blueprint for a possible Fett movie instead, this might explain why EA never attempted to bring it back to life.

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As you can see this could be a worthwhile Star Wars setting that could finally distance ourselves from Rebel vs Empire, getting more into the grime of the universe’s underbelly.


Three actors had been rumored from various corners of the internet for potentially being in the mix to play the new Boba Fett.

They included Oscar nominees Michael Fassbender (X-Men: First Class, Inglorious Basterds, Shame) and Tom Hardy (The Dark Knight Rises, Inception, Mad Max: Fury Road, Dunkirk), along with Disney alum Michael B. Jordan (Creed, Fruitvale Station, Black Panther).

Fassbender and Jordan had been linked to auditioning for roles in The Force Awakens.

I’d imagine Lucasfilm was in some stage of the casting process when Trank was attached but we have no idea if these names were ever actually considered. Either way, I’d assume these names would be scrapped altogether for the next director anyways.

I’d cast Tom Hardy in pretty much any genre role out there if it was up to me. Oddly enough, he’s now working with Fett‘s former director Josh Trank on the Al Capone film Fonzo, there might have been fuel to that one.

There was a rumor from Latino Review that the studio would rework the Boba origin for the standalone having the Fett mantle passed down to another character.

To counter-act the prequels, the Boba Fett spin-off movie planned for 2018 has an interesting twist pitched by Episode VII writer Lawrence Kasdan: the spin-off will start with a complete stranger killing Boba Fett and taking his armor, starting a Man-With-No-Name bounty hunter tale. So: someone kills the Boba Fett from the prequels and takes his armor and name. One thing is for certain is that Kasdan didn’t like the prequel and wants no Bobba Fett Clone in the spin-off film.

The casting rumors would support this idea, but we won’t know until they actually start officially casting these roles for sure. Luckily, for Lucasfilm, since Boba never took his helmet off in the original films they really can do whatever they’d like with the character here.

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