Borderlands 2: Golden Key

Oct 6, 2012


Hey all! Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that an important item in Borderlands 2 is being given away on Twitter, from Gearbox. The times they are given away appears to be Central Time Zone and you have a 3 hour window to acquire said key and register that key in-game. You can enter the code in the main menu options. These codes are given away 3 times/day everyday at least at this point in time. You can find them @GearboxSoftware on Twitter.

This code allows you one key to open up a unique item cache with high quality weapons in it that levels with you. Normally you could only get into this chest once but now it looks like players will have more to look forward to. You can stockpile these keys as well, as long as you get the code and enter them within the 3 hour window. I cannot confirm how many you can store at a time, but a friend of mine has 10 currently. Note: this is not a scam, cheat or bug, this is a legitimate code given away from the makers of the game! Here are the times to look on Twitter : CT 5am, 11am, 3pm (note the time zone, please adjust to your location. Just to clarify, you have a 3 hour window from those time frames to get the code and enter it in game! Enjoy!

Just a quick note: The Mechromancer, a new class to Borderlands 2 is being unveiled this month on the 16th. (10/16/12).

**Update 10:00pm

GearboxSoftware announced on Twitter that they are no longer handing out key codes for this weekend. I don’t know if that is going to continue to next week or if there is just a particular amount that were generated, but just a heads up, your not alone if you are reading this and unable to get one!

FIX: Saw a video tonight about a guy that is able to get into the chest without a key: Basically it involves split screen play, 2 characters under the same profile and leaving and resuming game after items are looted and dropped again. The character whom wants the items is the character that joins and leaves, the host character is the one providing the means to open it but without it counting against his ability to open chest.