‘Bourne’ Franchise’s Tony Gilroy Reportedly Apart of ‘Rogue One’ Reshoots

Jun 3, 2016


We recently learned that Christopher McQuarrie (Rogue Nation, Jack Reacher, The Usual Suspects, The Wolverine) isn’t apart of the reshoots for Star Wars standalone Rogue One, which are said to take place this July. The writer-director had been linked as a potential screenwriter on the rewrites, and Making Star Wars stated he would be apart of the reshoots (not the case).

Another more reliable report coming from The Playlist suggests that another player is being involved with the reshoots is happening, it’s just not McQuarrie.

They are reporting that Bourne franchise writer and Michael Clayton director Tony Gilroy has been brought-in as the real supervisor on the reshoots. Gilroy knowns character driven action, and his inclusion could only benefit the project. He also mostly tackles espionage, which is a key element of Rogue One.

The Playlist goes on to state that along with co-writing the script rewrites, he could be taking more of hands-on involvement that was originally attributed to McQuarrie.

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While we can’t confirm the rumors that Christopher McQuarrie worked on rewrites on ‘Rogue One’ last year, we do know that both Tony Gilroy and Scott Z. Burns did uncredited rewrite work on the picture last summer. Evidently the team liked what the “Michael Clayton” and “The Bourne Legacy” writer/director had to offer because sources close to the writer and the project tell The Playlist that Gilroy has returned, brought in a month ago on ‘Rogue One,’ and is currently in London working on the screenplay and the reshoots as we speak. We’ve also heard that Gilroy is actually supervising, if not helming, the reshoots himself as well.

Making Star Wars reported that 40% of the movie will be reshot, and while that’s a difficult number to pin down, we’re hearing that the additional filming will run for six weeks, going on for six days a week, which is much longer than pick ups here and there. This definitely smells of reworking parts of the film. So the ‘Star Wars’ fansite is certainly on to something, they just had the wrong fixer in their report.

Birth.Death.Movies recently supported the chatter that there are issues on the film, and I’ve recently heard from a couple well established sources that is sadly indeed the case. This does support some of the information coming from both MSW and Page Six to a point.

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We’re still optimistic about the project, as Lucasfilm cares enough to put this amount of money and talent behind the film. I guess we won’t truly know it’s outcome until the first reviews start rolling in.



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