Boyd Holbrook Confirmed As Villain Donald Pierce In ‘Logan’: Reavers Confirmed Too?

Oct 10, 2016

Director James Mangold has released yet another behind the scenes photo from Logan on the film’s official Instagram account. This time revealing who exactly Boyd Holbrook is playing in the film, he’ll be in the role of mutant-hating villain Donald Pierce.


A photo posted by @wponx on

tumblr_nter2vzhqd1tl3ks4o1_1280Pierce is a cyborg member of the Hellfire Club and has his own villain team The Reavers, the latter made-up of Wolverine’s defeated combatants (would explain the served arm photo) turned into cyborgs.

We had assumed this would be Boyd’s role, when Nerdist revealed that the Reavers could be apart of the film. Boyd could have been playing cyborg villain Omega Red in the film, but since Red is a cyborg villain they have him working for Pierce at some point.


It’s more than likely a version of the Reavers will indeed be in the film as well, it’s up in the air what the lineup could look like though as X2‘s Lady Deathstrike was a primary member.

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Mangold will also likely announce what villain Richard E. Grant is playing in the film, the director has denied that Mister Sinister is in the film.

Logan will be unleashed on March 3rd, 2017.


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