Call of Duty Team Sets New Record With 121 Kills!

May 19, 2020


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Yes, you have read it right! A team in COD: Warzone just got 121 kills. This is a first for the gaming world. During the current pandemic, gaming activities across the globe has been increased as more and more players are joining famous online games. The increased popularity of games like PUBG mobile, Fortnite, and even Agen poker online has made online gaming a more significant industry overnight.

It doesn’t appear to be conceivable, yet one Call of Duty: Warzone crew has set another world record for most slaughters in a match, piling on an inconceivable 121 kills in a Quads mode.

The Details

Notable Call of Duty decorations TeePee, Symfuhny, HusKerrs, and DougisRaw set a precedent. There are 150 players in Warzone matches, so this group brought down the lion’s share of them without anyone else.

Honorable obligation professional player Nadeshot reacted to the accomplishment, composing on Twitter, “Amazing, I can’t comprehend how you folks pulled this off. GGs.” 

It’s not clear what the record was for most slaughters in a Quads match of Warzone, while the records for Warzone’s different modes, including Solos, Duos, and Trios, are likewise obscure.

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Elsewhere in the world, Warzone, just as of late, included another Operator, Iskra. She is accessible as a store group and comes bundled with two new Legendary weapons, the “Viciousness” helicopter vehicle skin, an Epic Finisher, and then some.

The COD Legacy

COD is the most popular online competitive game, has enjoyed a massive fan following and player base ever since its inception. It is the reason that this series is one of the most popular gaming series in the history of gaming. Newer versions of mobile games like PUBG and Fortnite have carved their audience from the competition, but COD remains the favorite of the veterans of online squad player games.

With every new update, the game reaches a new level of legendary. The series is eyeing the release of the new generation gaming consoles, PS5, and the X box. Gamers around the world are waiting for the new COD as much as they are waiting for these two consoles to come out in the market. A few days back, the internet saw a teaser for the new Engine 5 for the PS5, and it looks unreal. We can expect the same level of graphics for COD to make the gaming experience surreal.

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Humbl beginningsā€¦Small Is Big again

COD Mobile

COD has been launched on the mobile platform recently. It has more than a million downloads in its first 24 hours. This has given the game’s fan base a new platform to test their skills on their smartphones. However, the majority of the players still prefer Play Station, X Box, or the PC to play the game. 

With this unbelievable record and the current lockdown, we can expect many other records to be broken as the players will now try harder and spend more time perfecting their skills. So stop reading and get online!


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