Captain Carter #1 (REVIEW)

Mar 8, 2022

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Captain Carter continues the story featured in the Disney+ series What If Peggy got injected with the Super Soldier Serum instead of Steve Rogers. As the issue sets a similar framework from the movies, we see how Peggy adapts to modern times. 

Captain Carter #1 (Review)

Marvel Comics

Words by Jamie McKelvie
Art by Marika Cresta
Color by Erick Arciniega
Letters by VC’s Clayton Cowles

The issue starts with Peggy being found frozen and what happened during the initial thawing period. We pick up months later with Peggy trying to acclimate to the modern world and come to terms with everything that passed while frozen. After a routine recruitment visit from the Prime Minister, Peggy is given her shield back in hopes of having her join a new special task force. 

Captain Carter retells Steve Rogers origin story, and writer McKelvie stays close to it but keeps it British. As the issue goes on, it struggles to set up the British equivalent to SHIELD, Agent Fury and Black Widow. Many parts of the story feel jumbled or dashed together as close or good enough trying to mimic the origin. 

Unfortunately, Crestas’ art doesn’t help the story or issue either. The character designs feel inconsistent throughout the issue, especially with Peggy. These include her height, muscle size, and general appearance changing from panel to panel. The constantly changing perspective doesn’t help the character design in each panel. 

Overall Thoughts on Captain Carter

Overall, Captain Carter is not a good issue. The retelling of Steve Rogers origin through Peggy misses the mark badly. At the same time, the art feels like each panel was referencing the previous one by memory a day later. 

There is a lot of potential with Captain Carter, as she is a unique character in an unexplored setting. If McKelvie and Cresta can work out and start delivering a consistent product, I do not see this series going for much longer. 

Score: 2