Captain Marvel 2 is Looking to Cast a Micheal b. Jordan/John Boyega type

Mar 2, 2021

Micheal B. Jordan or John Bodega in Captain Marvel 2?

Captain Marvel 2 casting is well underway and GWW has obtained documents on one of the potential supporting roles for the film.

According to a casting grid, Marvel Studios is looking to fill a supporting male role in the upcoming superhero film. The casting call is looking for a 20-30-year-old male action described as a Michael B. Jordan or John Boyega type.

There is currently no character description for this role and it appears to be purposely vague, but considering the film and recent speculation, this could be several roles including the long-rumored Adam Brashear/Blue Marvel.

Comic Book Ties to Captain Marvel and Monica Rambeau

Adam Brashear has ties to both Captain Marvel and Monica Rambeau. In the comics, Brashear is a military veteran and electrical engineer with a Ph.D. in theoretical physics. While also being a military veteran like Carol in the comics Brashear was involved with Project Perseus and like Carol, the project had its missteps and imbibed Brashear with extreme power. Notably, in the comics, Adam and Monica share a romantic relationship, and in WandaVision Monica referenced an engineer she was long-time friends with that we have yet to see.

While it’s unlikely Jordan or Boyega get the role, we have seen these “types” end up being offered the role they were prototyped for. A recent example of this is Zoe Kravitz in The Batman.

Will Adam Brashear make an appearance in Captain Marvel 2?

Unfortunately, that’s all the information listed for this character right now, but considering recent teases in WandaVision and the fact Monica Rambeau is also set to appear, the stage could be set for someone like Adam Brashear to finally make an appearance.

This is purely speculation on our part and of course, this role could be many characters associated with Carol Danvers, S.H.E.I.L.D, S.W.O.R.D, The Skrulls, or The Kree. Some notable inclusions outside of Blue Marvel could be Marcus King a time-traveling Kree, Delroy Garret Jr. the 3-D man, Rick Jones, H. Warren Craddock, or Super Skrull Kl’rt.

More details to come…

Despite its vague description, the inclusion is nonetheless interesting and we will update the story once the character is fully revealed.