CAPTAIN MARVEL Already Cast Showing-Up In AGE OF ULTRON; Jim Starlin Consulting On Solo Film?

Mar 24, 2015


We’ve been hearing for months from Badass Digest and Latino Review that Avengers: Age of Ultron would include a reveal of Carol Danvers’ Captain Marvel at the end of the film. As in drafts of the script she was said to have a brief cameo and could be apart of new Avengers lineup pre-Civil War.

The rumor is back with a vengance via Latino Review and they’re going on further stating Marvel Studios has already cast an actress but have managed to keep it hush-hush. Having Danvers indeed showing-up in Age of Ultron.


RT! HOT #MARVEL #RUMOR ABOUT #CAPTAINMARVEL #SPOILER Apparently, from what I’m being told, the rumor is that the studio has cast the role of Carol Danvers & keeping it top secret. I’m also being told we will first see her in #AVENGERS #AgeofUltron as originally written in previous drafts of the screenplay. In terms of the standalone film, the Marvel brain trust has blocked out the plot & story with the intention of bringing an established writer to write the script. Comic writer Kelly Sue DeConnick wanted to take a crack at writing the screenplay but I’m not sure if she got the gig. Also, I’m told legendary comic writer Jim Starlin, who has a rich history with Captain Marvel is aboard the project as a consultant. All of the above is #UNCONFIRMED so take with grain of salt until further notice but it’s within the realm of plausibility.

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They’ve added a couple of other rumored details on the development of the Captain Marvel film which doesn’t have a director announced.

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Comic book writer Kelly Sue DeConnick has offered her services to pen the script. Kelly is responsible for resurrecting the character from obscurity and has finally given her a damn fine story. It would be nice to see a female voice writing the script, as we’ve previously suggested Jane Goldman taking a shot at the script as well.

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Legendary comic book writer Jim Starlin who is the mastermind behind Marvel’s cosmic universe is said to be consulting on the film. We’ve been hearing for months that her origins will be Earthbound but the adventures will be cosmic. Having Starlin getting involved makes a lot of sense since James Gunn isn’t directing or writing. Starlin creating the Infinity Gauntlet saga which is expected to highly influence Infinity War which could mean Captain Marvel might have direct ties to the two-part Avengers film.

Remember these are the same group of folks that have been breaking all the major Marvel Studio stories, keep that in mind here. It might be a rumor but they are usually keeping their ears to the grapevine and nail these sort of stories.

There are a couple of actresses we think have been in the mix for the role of Carol Danvers.

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The one lady we’ve all been assuming has been on top of Marvel’s casting wish-list is Edge of Tomorrow‘s Emily Blunt who has been a fan-favorite for the role. Blunt has mentioned during Into The Woods interviews she would be game for the role and flattered the fans were behind her.

Emily had to dropped the Black Widow due to a Fox contract and passed on Peggy Carter, the assumption being that she was waiting for a franchise lead role with the latter part.

Marvel has been listening to fan choices for new leads as seen with Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange and Chadwick Boseman as Black Panther. It’s possible they’ve been considering a lot of the fan support for Blunt and other actresses.


Some of the other ladies that could be highly pursued for the role might be Gemma Arterton, Charlize Theron, Jessica Chastain and Natalie Dormer. Like Blunt, Gemma has been eyed for three different MCU roles over years such as Black Widow, Peggy Carter and Maya Hansen.

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Chastain was also linked for the Hope Pym in Ant-Man and Hansen in Iron Man 3, but wanted a stronger role. She’s been vocal about wanting a physical role rather than playing the girlfriend or damsel.


A lot of this makes quite a bit of sense. Old drafts of the script were said to include Carol Danvers joining The Avengers at the end of Age of Ultron, setting her up for solo film down the line. Word had seemed to quite on that front for some time, and we really hadn’t heard much sense on it. Now it seems that Marvel has gone back to that plan, and is potentially including her at the end of the new Avengers film.

This is the second day we’ve heard a rumor about Marvel casting with incredible secrecy for their new films, with yesterday’s potential Spider-Man casting news breaking as well. Marvel is really looking to expand their universe with the next three films, introducing many new characters into the already sprawling Marvel Cinematic Universe.

For now, this is all just rumors, but it all seems in the realm of possibility, and the secret casting is something Marvel has done for many, many years, as they try to quietly play close to the chest of what’s to come. Who has been cast in the role is still currently unknown, so I’m very curious to see who they have possibly pulled into the role. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens, and we’ll be getting our answer soon enough, as The Avengers: Age of Ultron opens on May 1, 2015.


Captain Marvel has been adjusted for a release date of November 2nd, 2018.


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