Carnage Hungers in Marvel’s “Nova #26” REVIEW

Jan 28, 2015

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STK660558Nova #26

Written by: Gerry Duggan
Art by: John Timms, Roberto Poggi & David Curiel
Cover by: Orphans Cheeps

Finally! Nova is back and past the Axis storyline and returned to his separate part of the world! I was so happy opening this book realizing that they’re getting back to the story of Sam’s dad and Sam himself. It almost feels like more time has passed than the story says. Only a few weeks have passed but Sam has had several weeks off from his life as Nova, and is finally getting back into the routines of normal school days and homework. He’s rested up and recovered from his concussion and back to full health. There is still some lingering plot lines from Axis to be dealt with that happen to go by the name of Carnage. Carnage had turned good back during the inversion, and Sam had accidentally told him his identity thinking Carnage was a good guy that he’d want to team up with eventually. Well now that Cletus Cassidy is back to his psycho murderer self, he has tracked down Sam and is putting his life in danger.

nova28Gerry Duggan has been doing a good job keeping this book running and keeping me excited for more. Even through the events that Nova has been tied into, Duggan has managed to keep this book a young Nova story, and this issue he finally brings Nova back to its roots. He writes one of my favorite Spider-Man villains into a Nova story, which back in the day would be very hard to do. I really am enjoying a young naïve Sam versus the insane Cletus Cassidy. What really makes this issue for me though was John Timms very welcome addition to the series! He was the artist for the Nova Special #1 as well which I enjoyed, but his art really brings this comic to a new level. Sam looks older and reminds me of a teenage Peter Parker. None of this cartoony twelve year old stuff for Timms, he gives us a well-toned, hero looking Sam Alexander. The colors by David Curiel are always fantastic and this issues cover by Orphans Cheeps is probably the best Nova cover yet. I really enjoyed this comic and if there is any way to get more Sam Nova fans, it’s to make him look more grown up and act like it too. Read this issue.