Cast of Trap 2024: Everything You Need to Know

Jul 9, 2024

Cast of Trap 2024: Meet Shyamalan's Star-Studded Cast

“Trap 2024” is a new movie by M. Night Shyamalan. The plot of the movie is dark and exciting, and it takes place at a pop performance.

Josh Hartnett and Saleka Shyamalan are in the main cast. People are really looking forward to seeing this movie, which is full of tension and unexpected turns. The movie is set to come out on August 2, 2024.

Who are the Casts of Trap 2024?

Trap 2024: Security Guard installing CCTV in the concert venue

Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

The cast of “Trap 2024” includes both well-known artists and up-and-coming stars. The performances add a lot to the tension and drama of the movie, making the scary event at the heart of the story even more so.

Main Cast

  • Josh Hartnett as Cooper: A father who takes his teen daughter to the show. Hartnett’s character is very important to figuring out what happened.
  • Ariel Donoghue as Riley: She plays Cooper’s teenage daughter. What she did at the show is very important to the story.

Supporting Cast

  • Saleka Shyamalan as Lady Raven: The pop singer whose show is in the middle of the trap. Saleka’s musical act gives the part more depth. She is Night Shyamalan’s daughter.
  • Allison Pill: Has a big part and adds to the dramatic stress of the movie.
  • Vanessa Smythe and Marnie McPhail: Add to the supporting group, which will improve the story as a whole.

The Production Team

  • Ishana Shyamalan: Helped produce the movie as an executive and directorial debut.
  • Saleka Shyamalan: Not only acts, but she also oversees the music, which makes the show scenes seem more real.

What is Trap 2024 About?

Trap 2024: Cooper talking to her daughter

Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

A thrilling movie called “Trap 2024” was directed by Night Shyamalan. Josh Hartnett plays Cooper, and the story is about him and his teenage daughter attend a pop concert. 

Not knowing that the event was set up by the police as a trap to catch serial killer “The Butcher,” they are shocked. This scary event happens in a tense and exciting way that is typical of Shyamalan’s directing style.

Plot Summary

  • Cooper and his teen daughter attend a pop concert by Lady Raven.
  • The concert is actually a police ruse de guerre to capture “The Butcher.”
  • As the scary event goes on, Cooper sees what the concert is really about.

Setting and Atmosphere

  • The movie takes place at a lively pop event, which is very different from the underlying tension.
  • As the story goes on, the mood changes from happy to sinister.

What is the New Film Trap About?

Trap 2024: Cooper watching his victims in his phone

Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

“Trap 2024” isn’t just another thriller; it’s a complicated story set in a pop performance that seems normal at first glance. The story skillfully blends the personal journeys of the characters with the main plot of a police operation.


  • Watch as Cooper and his daughter Riley go to a Lady Raven show in the movie.
  • What starts out as a fun night quickly turns into something scary and dark.
  • It turns out that the event was part of a carefully planned police operation to catch a serial killer.

Character Arcs

  • Cooper: As the night goes on, his protective personality is put to the test. His change from a father who doesn’t know what’s going on to a key character in the story gives it more meaning.
  • Riley: Her experience at the event shows how innocent people can become lost in the chaos. The movie is emotionally based on her bond with her father.

Additional Details:

  • Release Date: Warner Bros. is going to show the movie on August 2, 2024.
  • Executive Production: It is important for this project that Ishana Shyamalan is involved in it, as it is her first time directing a movie with her father, Night Shyamalan.
  • Music and Performance: As the pop singer Lady Raven, Saleka Shyamalan brings realism and a unique singing element to the movie, which makes the story better as a whole.

To sum up, “Trap 2024” looks like it will be an exciting movie, mixing the suspenseful writing of Night Shyamalan with an interesting cast and a dark, twisting plot.

Where is the Movie Trap Filmed?

Trap 2024: Swat teams arriving to the concert venue

Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

The scene in “Trap 2024” is very interesting and plays a big part in the story. The film was shot in a number of famous places, which added to the scary and dark events that happen.

Filming Locations

  • Canada’s Hamilton, Ontario:
    • The main place where the music scenes were filmed.
    • The big venue was the First Ontario Centre, which had a real pop concert feel to it.
  • Additional Locations:
    • A lot of different places in Hamilton were used to make the movie’s setting come to life.

Production Details

  • The movie was made under a short-term agreement that allowed shooting to happen while SAG-AFTRA was on strike.
  • Night Shyamalan’s careful direction made sure that the settings were right for the dark tone of the movie.
  • Warner Bros. was in charge of the production and made sure that Shyamalan’s idea was followed.

Who Plays Lady Raven?

Lady Raven is one of the main characters in “Trap 2024,” and artist Saleka Shyamalan plays her. Her part is very important because it gives the movie’s portrayal of a pop event more depth and realism.

Actress Profile

  • Saleka Shyamalan: She is the daughter of Night Shyamalan, and this is her first movie role. Brings a unique mix of acting and singing skills to the part.
  • Musical Background: Saleka is also a singer, and she helped make the movie’s music. The fact that she is both an actress and a music supervisor makes the show’s scenes seem more real.

Character Description

  • Lady Raven: A pop singer whose performance is where the scary and dark event takes place. The concert turns out to be a trap set by the police, so her act is very important to the story.
  • Role in the Plot: People like Cooper and his teenage daughter are drawn to Lady Raven’s show. The character’s participation in the plot builds tension and drama, bringing out the film’s unique mix of music and suspense.

Final Thoughts

“Trap 2024” looks like it will be one of Night Shyamalan’s best movies ever. It looks like it will be a thrilling experience thanks to its interesting story, strong cast, and unique setting.

Overall Impression:

  • Performers in “Trap 2024,” like Josh Hartnett and artist Saleka Shyamalan, bring the story to life with powerful roles.
  • The setting of the movie at a pop performance gives it a unique twist on the thriller genre.
  • Shyamalan’s direction makes sure that the movie has a great mix of drama, excitement, and surprises.

Anticipation and Hype:

  • A lot of people are interested in the movie because of its clip, which shows the scary and dark event at the heart of the story.
  • It will be out on August 2, 2024, through Warner Bros., and fans of Shyamalan’s movies are very excited.
  • Saleka Shyamalan plays Lady Raven, and Ishana Shyamalan is the movie’s
    executive producer. This shows how the Shyamalan family worked together, which makes the movie more appealing.

Finally, “Trap 2024” is a great movie that combines the exciting parts of a Shyamalan movie with the interesting setting of a pop show. When it comes out in cinemas on August 2, 2024, make sure you see it.


When is the trap release date?

The movie is set to be released on August 2, 2024.

Who stars in Trap 2024?

The cast of “Trap 2024” includes Josh Hartnett, Ariel Donoghue, and Saleka Shyamalan.

What is the plot of Trap 2024?

The movie revolves around a dark and sinister event during a pop concert, where a father and his teen daughter find themselves amidst a police operation to catch a serial killer.

Where was Trap 2024 filmed?

The primary filming location was Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, with the FirstOntario Centre serving as the main venue.

Who plays the character Lady Raven in Trap 2024?

Lady Raven is played by singer Saleka Shyamalan, who also contributes to the film’s soundtrack.