CBS Developing New ‘Star Trek’ Series Coming In 2017; Is Captain Worf In It?

Nov 2, 2015


CBS has confirmed plans that they will indeed be developing a new Star Trek series to air in 2017, as previously reported by Latino Review.

The series hasn’t been given a timeline in the Trek universe as of yet, but will be produced by Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci.

At least we can rule-out the main actors from current movies getting involved, as it would be almost insane to think they’d put a hold on their film careers to a TV series. They do mention new characters, but I’m thinking there could be one returning character that might be involved.

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We’ll be quite curious if franchise actor Michael Dorn will be involved in this new venture, as he’s been trying to get a Captain Worf series off the ground for years. Even confirming that he’s had talks about the series, and speaking a bit about it this summer to CBR.

Dorn played Klingon Worf, who essentially is the best known for his role in the seven seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation, the last four of Deep Space Nine, he featured in all the Next Generation films, and even had a cameo in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country as Worf’s grandfather. It’s hard to ignore his lineage with the franchise, and including him in way or another would be the smart move and an excellent nod to fans and the more successful series.

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Even if this doesn’t turn out to be Captain Worf, you have to imagine they’d want him involved or would consider moving forward with this if the new show develops an audience.

I’m also a bit concerned because the last two series really didn’t get the kind of support you’d expect from the fanbase, while Voyager had it’s moments, Enterprise was a complete trainwreck with some of the lowest ratings in franchise history. If people only pledge their viewership rather than actually watching this new series, I doubt they’ll be making an effort to keep it on the air or make other shows.

The series will have it’s debut on CBS broadcast but the rest of episodes will be on their streaming service All Access.


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