Change My Mind #25: Favorite Summer Blockbusters

Jul 17, 2019


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In Episode 25, Nick Friar and Wesley Sykes go through their Top 10 Summer Blockbuster Movies. Which movies made the cut, which received honorable mentions and did Tim Weisberg dominate everyone(42:20)?

But before that they talk about the landmark case The Commonwealth vs. Michelle Carter through the lens of the HBO documentary ‘I Love You, Now Die’ as well as Hasbro re-booting the Power Rangers franchise (8:12). Nick gives a rundown of what he’s been reading and what’s to be released in his Comic Book Minute (31:45) while Wesley discusses the recent internet craze of storming Area 51 in Stay Woke of the Week (36:00).

Later, they choose between The Thing/Rey/Wong and Kimberly Hart(Pink Ranger)/Black Manta/Raiden in this week’s 3v3 (1:45:10) as they share what’s on their mind (1:48:15).

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