Change My Mind #49: Where Does Star Wars Go Next?

Jan 22, 2020

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In this week’s episode, Nick Friar and Wesley Sykes discuss where they’d like to see Star Wars go post-Skywalker saga. Should they take a breather? Continue with a Rey/Kylo plotline or introduce new characters? But before that, the duo talks Bad Boys For Life, Dolittle, National Treasure 3, the Netflix Aaron Hernandez documentary and Hank Azaria no longer voicing Apu on The Simpsons.

Nick has a trio of comics to keep an eye out for in this week’s Comic Book Minute while we close the show with What’s On Our Mind. Be sure to follow us on Twitter: @ChangeMyMindPOD, @Fry_Guy1 & @WesleySykes_!

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