Character Description and Set Photos Seemingly Confirm X-23 in ‘Wolverine 3’

Jun 11, 2016


X-23 has been rumored for months to be apart of the lineup in Wolverine 3 (rumored to be titled Weapon X), and this had been supported by an early casting-call looking to hire a young girl for an unnamed role.

The Hashtag Show goes more into details about the character being referred to “Zoe”. A lot of the characteristics point to her being Laura Kinney and it’s hard to think this little girl is anyone else. Keep in mind that this source had landed a bunch of character and casting scoops concerning Marvel’s Iron Fist, that turned out to be accurate.

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These recent Wolverine 3 set photos from Just Jared confirm this young girl being in the film, which people had assumed would be Laura Kinney aka X-23. In the set photos we see both Logan and then a much much older Logan with Xavier on the same set, it’s possible that Xavier is showing either his past or this little girl’s past with flashbacks.

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It’s more than likely we’ll be getting two actresses in the role, as they’re hiring an unknown for the young version and then we could see an older actress playing the version we could see face-off Logan in the film or being apart of other films like Deadpool 2 and X-Force. I don’t see how a random child actress ends-up leading a new X-Men franchise, Fox wouldn’t put that much responsibility on a new actor.

Bryan Singer admitted recently he pitched to Fox that Laura should take over for Jackman’s Logan, since she has taken over the Wolverine mantle in the comics.

From this information it sounds like the young version of character will be taking cues from Jet Li’s Danny The Dog aka Unleashed, which seemingly has similarities to this character description.

Wolverine 3 aka Weapon X is slatted for release on March 2nd, 2017.


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