Charlize Theron Should Be One Of Our Top Choices To Play CAPTAIN MARVEL!

May 17, 2015



Carol Danvers is a Colonel or Major in the United States Air Force (depending on how you want spin it), so let’s stop pretending that actresses in their early to mid-20s will be landing this role. You need an established and stoic actress to take on the Captain Marvel role and give it the massive gravitas that it deserves. Danvers will likely end-up becoming the matriarch to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as a contrast to Robert Downey Jr.’s Stark being the patriarch of the franchise. I don’t see Marvel hiring an unknown or newcomer for this highly anticipated role, even more so when it’s expected to be one of the more important heroic figures for the future of the MCU. We need to stop suggesting that actresses Lily James or Kristen Stewart should be in the running, no, they are way too goddamn young for this part.

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While I’d love to see Emily Blunt take the role, she’s been pussyfooting a little too much lately to really give the impression she wants to make this scale of commitment. Although, if she does end-up in the part I would be just as enthused as current my top choice. Blunt has played badass ladies with roles in Looper and Edge of Tomorrow, along with a Marvel level of sense of humor that goes a long way with these types of roles. I just feel another name has become just as equally viable if not more than Blunt.

Charlize Theron sort of embodies that pedigree and overall ability as an actor that Marvel seeks out in their new wave of casting leading talent. I would put her in the same category as someone like Robert, Mark Ruffalo, and even Doctor Strange candidate Joaquin Phoenix. Winning an Oscar for Best Actress for her role in Patty Jenkins’ Monster, Theron would also land an Oscar nomination for North Country.

Although, some pessimists believe that Charlize is too old for the role and I’m calling bs on that point of view completely.

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Let’s try to remember that Robert was 42 when he landed the Tony Stark role, and will be playing it until at least 2019 when he’s 54. Danvers could be basically be a contrast to Stark, so keep that in mind here. You sort of need to counter-balance Stark/Robert with an equally viable candidate that can make the role her own, with the level of talent that Downey brought to the table with his Oscar nomination and excellent body of work.

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Here’s a rundown of the current ages of the actors of the MCU with Oscar considerations. At the moment Robert is 50, Jeremy Renner is 44, Samuel L. Jackson is 66, Mark Ruffalo is 47, Don Cheadle is 50, and Gwyneth Paltrow is 42. The new crop includes both 38 year olds Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange and Chadwick Boseman as Black Panther, Ant-Man‘s Paul Rudd is 46. 

Are these actors too old for the roles?

Hiring a 39 year old Charlize Theron isn’t a stretch unless serious sexism is at play, and we shouldn’t let that be an acceptable reason because it’s ridiculous.



Her action roots run deep with projects like The Italian Job, Hancock, and Prometheus. This weekend we were introduced to the major badass Theron can play with her role as Furiosa in Mad Max Fury Road. Theron proves in this stunning performance she can run the gauntlet of an action film and still give a strong performance worthy of an Oscar winning actress. That film is full of feminist themes and champions women, something that Marvel could only dream of cooking-up for their projects which currently in my opinion give lip-service to being empowering to women. I’m sure having Theron around could rub-off in a good way, this would also depend on who ends-up directing as well.

We know that Marvel chases heat when it comes to leads and currently this summer you’re going to be hard pressed to find someone better suited for her own action franchise than Charlize Theron. She’s already lined-up a starring role with the John Wick directors for The Coldest City, which is a comic book adaptation and will show-off more of her action chops. I doubt she’s opposed to more challenging genre focused roles in the future, Captain Marvel being one of the more tempting and well rounded female leading superhero roles left up for grabs.


Her performance in Young Adult also screams Marvel potential as an immature novelist Mavis Gary showed us that she has a dark comedic side, which often is never given the attention it deserves. A very sad character with moments of light and humor, feels very Marvel to me in so many different ways. She hasn’t thrown away all awards level roles, Charlize will be seen later this year in Dark Places based on the novel by Gillian Flynn who also wrote the novel/script for Gone Girl. This will likely add to the massive heat that’s already surrounding her.

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She won’t overshadow the role.

Theron is of course known but she’s still at a level of fame where she can get lost in a role and make it her own. This isn’t the case for people like Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, when they come on screen you see the actor not the character, which can be problematic when setting-up a new superhero. Jolie has actually been linked for the directing gig, and if this $20 million payday is accurate it could include her acting fees as well, which we hope doesn’t happen. Feeling the love for her behind the camera, not in-front of it. Marvel will likely still need a recognizable name to help sell the film to audiences, this isn’t always the case because Marvel has become a brand, but like I pointed out Danvers could be the next Stark they need the pedigree.

Marvel could likely talk her into a lengthly contract considering they’ve moved to three pictures a year, and given that she might not be coming back for Mad Max sequels. There’s been suggestion that Furiosa was a one-off role and that Max’s next three adventures could not include her. For these reasons and many more this is why I believe Charlize Theron should be a top candidate for the role of Carol Danvers in Captain Marvel.


There are already rumors coming from an Indian news site suggesting Marvel is courting Theron with Angelina Jolie set to direct. Let’s keep in mind the source, but it’s also not coming from the usual fanboy circles. Jolie has been linked twice before this new update as a possible director for Captain Marvel, so it’s not the first time we’ve heard her name attached to the project. However, this is the first time Theron’s name has been linked.

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