Chris Pirri’s Top 30 Horror Movies: #18 The Amityville Horror (1979)

Oct 20, 2015


It’s October and that means Halloween is almost here. In honor of my favorite holiday of the year I give to you my top thirty horror movies. Now some of these films might be on every list, but some might not. I might even have a film or two that you have never heard of. Just remember this is my top thirty. In other words these films made me cringe or just sent chills up my spine. So with no further ado here is my list.

# 18
The Amityville Horror (1979)
Directed by: Stuart Rosenberg


Do you believe in the Devil himself? You might after watching The Amityville Horror. The story is based on true events that happened to a happy loving family in Long Island New York in 1975. I remember watching this film as a teenager and was scared to death by some of the scenes featured in this film. Even to this day when the evil spirit or some say the Devil himself tells the priest to “Get Out” the hair on my arm stands at attention.

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The Lutz family moves into the house that they have been dreaming about for years. There is only one problem. A mass murder happened in the house just the year before. But because of the horrific past of the house the Lutz family get a great bargain on the home of their dreams. You would think just having a priest come in and bless the house would make everything fine. Not so fast, he is chased out of the house and blinded before he can complete his purifying ritual.

From that point on in the movie unimaginable things start to happen in the house. Which include very disturbing images of red eyes coming from a window to a strange new room that has been bricked up in the basement.

It is almost as if the house is alive. If you look at the house from the right angel there is a very creepy feel to it.


Picture the chimney as a nose between two windows which are eyes and you get the feeling that the house is watching you. After 28 days of this madness the family finally left and never returned. So the lesson learned here is don’t move into a house where someone is brutally murdered their family. As if I really had to tell you.

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