Chris Pirri’s Top 30 Horror Movies: #22 House of 1000 Corpses (2003)

Oct 11, 2015

It’s October and that means Halloween is almost here. In honor of my favorite holiday of the year I give to you my top thirty horror movies. Now some of these films might be on every list, but some might not. I might even have a film or two that you have never heard of. Just remember this is my top thirty. In other words these films made me cringe or just sent chills up my spine. So with no further ado here is my list.

# 22
House of 1000 Corpses (2003)
Directed by:
Rob Zombie
House of 1000 Corpses (2003)

This is Rob Zombie”s directorial debut. He made a movie that paid homage to the classic 70’s horror movies. Especially Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Where his vision differs is in the quality of blood, gore, and just plain disturbing scenes he brought to the big screen. This is an exploitation film. Which means we get a lot of violence with very little plot in my opinion. Now don’t let that scare you off. This is a must see movie for anyone who loves the horror genre.

The movie starts with two couples traveling looking for weird road side attractions. Their idea is to make a book. When they head into a gas station they find it’s not just a gas station it’s also a museum. Inside the station there is a roadside attraction unlike any other. The museum of monsters and madmen. Which just happens to be headed by Captain Spaulding. The Captain is played wonderfully by the ever so talented Sid Haig.


After the couples leave the gas station they are on the hunt for a tree. A tree that Captain Spaulding has said that a deranged killer (Dr. Satan) hung himself from. From this point on it turns violent. Beyond the blood and gore there is also necrophilia. Rob Zombie has made other movies since this film. They are not even worth seeing. So in other words he came out with a bang. If you do like this film check out the sequel called “The Devils Rejects”. So you can continue the story of Captain Spaulding and the Firefly family.