CinemaCon 18: Paramount Pictures Panel

Apr 26, 2018


To close out Wednesday, CinemaCon brought us our final studio panel for Paramount Pictures. The studio actually revealed a slew of title cards for their upcoming slate of films. To kick off the show Paramount gave us a hilarious sketch between CEO Jim Gianopulos and AirVegas. With a funny flight attendant trying to reenact popular Paramount films like A Quiet Place. After “being delayed” the CEO comes on stage to host the rest of the presentation.

The studio of course boasted about the success for A Quiet Place. Revealing that the studio along with director and co-star John Krasinski will indeed create a sequel to the semi-silent film. The studio then goes onto talk about their partnership with Hasbro and Allstark Pictures. Under this new banner Hasbro will be producing all their upcoming adaptions including the already announced G.I.Joe reboot, Micronauts, ROM, M.A.S.K and Dungeons & Dragons.

From here they showed a behind-the-scenes video montage of their upcoming Transformers spin-off movie Bumblebee starring Hailee Steinfeld and John Cena. Director Travis Knight also reveals his massive love for the original 80’s cartoon and toy line. With the cast then being introduced on stage the director continues stating how many 80’s coming of age stories like E.T and the Goonies influenced this film. Before debuting the very first scene between Charlie and Bumblebee.

In the scene Charlie is a 80’s metal head that loves to fix cars. When she goes into her gauge and meets this little bug that transforms into a living creator they automatically connect. Bumblebee looks more like his 80’s toy counterpart than anything in the Bay films before it. The scene then cuts into a short teaser which shows a glimpse of 80’s inspired Starscream.

Gears shifted towards more of a comedy as the studio brought us a trailer for Book Club. Which is a raunchy comedy for 60 year old’s after reading 50 Shades of Grey. They then showed a trailer for their now in-production film Instant Family which is a true story comedy about adoption starring Mark Wahlberg and Rose Byrne. Lastly, Tiffany Haddish came on stage to promote her still untitled Tyler Perry film.

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The studio then went to their animation portion of the show. Where they showed a trailer for Wonder Park. An animated film where an amusement park for talking wild animals is built-in the jungle. They announced that a “pro wrestling” monster animated film was in the works titled Monster on the Hill is coming out in 2020. As well as Spongebob: It’s A Wonderful Sponge. They also announced an animated film titled Luck would debut in 2021.

They then switched to talk about their action films coming up. The studio showed title cards for their previously announced Gemini Man, Sonic: The Hedgehog and Terminator reboot. But also confirming two different Star Trek films are in the works under their Skydance banner. It’s to be assumed on is the Tarantino film. While the other is a sequel to Star Trek Beyond.

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JJ Abrams then came on-screen to promote his next produced film Overlord under his Bad Robot banner. While many on the internet thought this was yet another Cloverfield spin-off movie. The director confirms that this is a standalone horror movie not in the Cloverfield universe. However, a “true” Cloverfield sequel is indeed in development at Bad Robot. The director then showed a teaser for Overlord which is a World War 2 horror movie in the vain of Nazi Zombies from the popular Call of Duty franchise.

To close out the show star Tom Cruise and director Christopher McQuirie come on stage to promote Mission Impossible: Fallout. The two spend a good amount of time describing all the new technology that went into filming a HALO base jump sequence. To which Tom Cruise all did himself without much oxygen from 35,000 feet. It took over 100 jumps for 3 parts of the scene to accomplish it. All while the cameraman was filming without actually seeing any of the footage in real-time. As the camera was on top of his head. The entire cast was then brought on stage including Simon Pegg and Henry Cavill. They introduced an extended scene of the film which features Ethan And Walker as they try to abduct Solomon Lane from the authorities. Which lead directly into the previously released trailer.

Check back tomorrow for more updates from CinemaCon in Las Vegas…

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