Cities Not World’s Collide in “Convergence #0”

Apr 2, 2015


Conv Cover 0Convergence #0
DC Comics

Written by: Jeff King
Art by: Ethan Van Sciver

 No it was not an April Fools Joke that DC just like Marvel does have  their own  multi-verse colliding event to compete with Marvel’s  Secret  Wars. The  event that will be the end of the New 52 imprint  for the  company is here, and  even more surprising is the fact that DC  entrusted television writer: Jeff King  to cull the DC Multiverse.  Unlike Secret War’s the Goal of DC’s Convergence  does not seem to be as ambitious as to reset the entire Universe, but rather tidy up a bit.

Never at any point in Convergence #0 do you feel like newcomer to comics: Jeff King is out of his league. King maintains a steady reign on the scope of the story DC wants to tell. Unlike events like Final Crisis it never felt necessary to have a Doctorate in DC studies to understand the story, nor does the story ever feel dumbed downed to the point that it would insult Veteran DC readers. This of course is aided by the smooth but never distracting art of Ethan Van Sciver, that like always brings immediate legitimacy to any DC book he works on.

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Wisely King chose none other than the Man of Steel to be our conduit for Convergence. What looks like another adventure with Superman trying to match wits with Brainiac quickly turns into to something much greater. As we find out that arguably the smartest Villain in the DCU has been trapping several famous DC cities from several DC multiverses into his own world of Telos. Thus giving Brainiac perhaps the best modern treatment the character has received. The things that King and Sciver do with various universal incarnations of Brainiac immediately catapult the character into the mind-bending pantheon of someone like Marvel’s Ultron.

King’s ability to provide possibly the definitive version of Brainiac while also making such a historical DC story accessible to a majority of comics reader make Convergence #0 one of the better starts to big comics crossover event since 2011’s Flashpoint.

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