Climatic and personal finale — ‘Wytches’ No. 6 review

May 19, 2015


Wytches_06Wytches #6

Story: Scott Snyder
Art: Jock

The end of issue No. 5 gave “Wytches” fans a cliffhanger that was “chilling.” It was going to be hard for Scott Snyder to live up to how he left Sailor and Charlie. As written in the penultimate review of this book, “Out of all the character arcs, the best is Charlie’s.” The first arc of Wytches belongs to him.

It’s hard not to spoil what a beautiful job Snyder does writing Charlie. The reader can immediately sense 640and understand Snyder’s essays at the end of each issue. This really is a personal story to him as a writer. Charlie embodies something close to Snyder. What that something is only he can answer.

Charlie is the reader, the best and worst parent and in the end: the hero and the enemy. He’s a complex character, which makes him all the more human. Without — again — spoiling anything, this book is more than worth the read. After reading Wytches #6, Sailor is a very capable lead for the next arc in this series. She comes off as weak and understandably damaged but her closure in this issue shows how strong she is. Her story arc has a certain mystique to it that drives her story further in interesting ways. Remember, when Wytches ends…so does Sailor. This is her story in the long-run, but for now it’s Charlie’s time to shine.

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And Wytches isn’t Wytches and can’t be spoken about without also giving the highest of praise to the amazing artwork done by Jock. What a hell of a job! (Pun definitely intended.) The disturbing imagery of the “wytches” is shocking, nightmarish and chilling when they’re in action.

Snyder and Jock have created quite a special book.

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