COLDS #4: Shaggy Dog Tales

Feb 29, 2016


Welcome once again, devout followers, to the Church of Latter Day Simpsons. In this service, we tell stories that don’t go anywhere, and you get the know a little more about about what I do in my spare time.

For you new listeners, here’s a little info about the podcast:


After years astray, two fans are returning to our original place of worship: in front of a TV watching The Simpsons. And since TV stops for no fan, we’re picking up where we left off with the iconic and omnipresent series, watching the post-classic seasons to discuss the latter day, lesser quoted episodes that we’ve missed. Each Sunday, we two prodigal sons shepherd the listener through our journey as we try to rediscover our faith in The Simpsons. Well, we can’t promise we’ll try, but we’ll try to try.


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