Comic Book Accompaniment in “Wednesday Original Comic Book Score” (Review)

Sep 6, 2015

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What’s up fellow geeks and music lovers alike! Tommy here back with yet another review of some music to grace your ears. Up on the review block today I have the original soundtrack and score from the comic book, Wednesday by John Bergin. Yes, you heard right, a comic book soundtrack and score! This beautiful combination comes to us from the musical masterminds Daniel Davies and Geno Lenardo, best known for their work on the I, Frankenstein soundtrack and the fine folks over at Lakeshore Records! The Wednesday soundtrack and score will be available digitally on September 18th.

Before we get started on the review, I just want it to be known that I am reviewing this soundtrack and score strictly from a music standpoint, as I haven’t read the comic yet to see how they pair up. But none the less, that doesn’t really impact this review one bit.

The soundtrack is very synth heavy with a lot of pop and rock that feels like it could be right at home in a cyberpunk film or blasting through the speakers of a club in the late 80s or early 90s! This soundtrack features contributions from other musicians such as Will Hunt from Evanescence, Brian Liesegang from Filter, NIN, and MIny from Royal Thunder just to name a few. A couple of the standout tracks for me on the soundtrack include an amazing cover of “Barracuda” by Geno Lenardo and MIny and a song titled “Endless World” by Daniel Davies. The entire soundtrack features a ton of good music but those songs really had staying power.


Now onto the score, it is by far my favorite out of the two. It just feels and sounds so well produced that even though I’ve never read the comic and have really no idea what the story is about, but thanks to the quality of the music I can feel what’s going and can begin to put the pieces together to get a mental picture of what might be happening. Every track on the score conveys some type of emotion that you can instantly pick up on right away; from the low hits of dread, to the high pace of fear, each track makes you feel exactly what is going on in the story even if you haven’t seen a single panel!

When it comes down to it Daniel Davies, Geno Lenardo, John Bergin, and the Lakeshore Records crew have something truly amazing on their hands! Even if you haven’t read the comic book I still suggest you do yourself a favor and check these out once they release later this month. These are two of the best sounding scores and soundtracks that I’ve heard in quite some time. I truly believe that we’ll be seeing a lot more comic books start releasing with soundtracks and scores after these release. This is definitely the start of something beautiful in the world of comics.

The Wednesday Comic can be found via Stompbox13 where comics are sold. Wednesday (Original Comic Book Score) can be found digitally on 9/18/2015 from Lakeshore records (

Track Listing- WEDNESDAY Original Comic Book Soundtrack
01 ‘K So - Daniel Davies
02 Feels So Good - Geno Lenardo feat. Aly Jados
03 Lost In A Love - Daniel Davies
04 Desert Ride - KYBD
05 Somewhere Better Than Here - Geno Lenardo feat. Nina Bergman
06 Barracuda - Geno Lenardo feat. Mlny
07 Endless World - Daniel Davies
08 One Day - Geno Lenardo feat. Aly Jados
09 Teenage Mechanics - John Bergin feat. KYBD
10 That’s The Kick - Daniel Davies feat. Tessa De Nicola
11 Hunt You Down - Geno Lenardo feat. Nina Bergman
12 Killer Sock Monkeys - John Bergin feat. Dustin Blegstad
13 Tricky Driver - Daniel Davies
Track Listing- Wednesday (Original Comic Book Score):
01 The True Story Of Wednesday - Daniel Davies
02 Wasteland - John Bergin
03 Here They Come - John Bergin feat. Defrag Taiko
04 Satellite - Daniel Davies
05 Rat Attack/Blixa Rises - Daniel Davies & Geno Lenardo
06 Never Let Her Go - Daniel Davies & Geno Lenardo
07 The Birth Of Tiny Deadly Machines - John Bergin
08 The Swarm - Geno Lenardo
09 Wednesday’s Alcove - Daniel Davies
10 Downshift - Haauk feat. John Bergin
11 Sock Monkeys - Corridor feat. John Bergin
12 Escape From Escape - John Bergin feat. Crime Lords of 1982
13 Wednesday Captured - Daniel Davies
14 The Scrapyard Burns - Daniel Davies
15 Sledgehammer Battle - Geno Lenardo
16 Makita - Geno Lenardo
17 Sock Monkeys Save Wednesday - Geno Lenardo

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