Comic of the Week: Seven Secrets #16 from BOOM! Studios

Apr 15, 2022

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Seven Secrets #16 main cover

Tom Taylor and Daniele Di Nicuolo are truly in the zone. The first two arcs of Seven Secrets were well done, but the final one has been next-level.

BOOM! Studios
Written by: Tom Taylor
Art by: Daniele Di Nicuolo
Colors by: Walter Baiamonte with Katia Ranalli
Letters by: Ed Dukeshire

Since Seven Secrets #13, readers have been waiting for a specific occurrence. Yet, Taylor and Di Nicuolo have managed to keep readers focused on other matters as devastated developments occur seemingly every other page and the stakes only get greater. At the same time, they periodically bring readers back to the major development set to take place in the final arc — just to keep everyone on the edge of their seats.

(Warning: Spoilers for Seven Secrets #16.)

It’s truly wild to think it took three issues for Taylor and Di Nicuolo to get to Caspar’s death after showing readers the immediate aftermath of the occurrence. Even still there’s still so much left to happen in these next two issues. Amon is out of control, and there’s no telling if Caspar is truly out of the game or he’s somehow going to make his return. He is a secret after all, so it wouldn’t be shocking to see him go that quickly. But even beyond, there are other things left unanswered.

The only thing that’s certain: readers are due for more action. Di Nicuolo has done impressive work bouncing around all over the world — and even beyond it. Now he’s getting the chance to run wild with the big battle continuing forward.

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