Coming Home in “Low” #11 (Review)

Feb 13, 2016

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LOW-11-1-4c35dLow #11
Image Comics

Story by: Rick Remender
Art by: Greg Tocchini
Colors by: Dave McCaig

Coming off a hiatus, this month features the beginning of the second arc of “Low.” This issue focuses on the daughters, Tajo and Della, as they make their way to the surface. However, they find themselves in a position where they must return home after years away. Facing old memories, these two must not only reconcile their past but also the fates their family members met.Low11-CvrB-c5e7e

This series has been one of my favorites for, as of recently, we’re inching towards that moment when the sea-dwelling protagonists find their way to the surface. However, it’s not just this second arc that is already amazing. This creative team has been producing an amazing title that is full of imaginative environments, fantastical situations, and inspiring characters. Simply put, when it comes to “Low” I have nothing but praise.

Remender’s writing always seems to be on point and comes to represent an array of emotions. He captures well the vicious pirates, the artistically oppressive regimes, the isolated sages, and the familial ties and political tensions that bind these characters. Meanwhile, the visual elements from Tocchini and McCaig do well to convey both immersive and incredibly diverse environments. This creative team gives the audience not only a very detailed world to explore but also one that is well crafted.

LOW11-05-d3292With this in mind, I look forward to seeing more of the environments that they have crafted. While Tajo and Della are still in the ocean, I have a strong feeling that their mother, Stel, is close to the surface and that we’ll get so see a whole new perspective very soon. It must come without surprise that “Low” is one of the titles that I look forward to the most this year as it is, quite literally, coming to show its audience a whole new world.