A Comparison of The Batman and Who He Really Is

Jul 19, 2014

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Just a comparison of The Batman and who he really is (No religious wars intended).

If The Batman lives and fights crime in a world full of super powers and alien technology, how can one man make a difference or even hope to survive? We all know The Batman has backup plans for his main plans, and plans for every contingent, as well as plans for every subsidiary plan. However at a certain point, it doesn’t matter how well prepared you are, you’ll eventually need to fight. This is an area that The Batman excels at. He knows every fighting style, defensive move and counter move in the book, even then there is still a certain point where that isn’t enough when you are outmatched. Yet Batman is just a man when it comes down to it, and this is the unbelievable fact, as Hal Jordon exclaimed in their New 52 first meeting, “You’re not just some guy in a bat costume are you? Are you freaking kidding me?!”

JLAA2In all the battles and wars The Batman has fought in, he has only been killed once (which was more of a self-sacrifice than a murder/killing), and even that was short lived. Much like a certain messiah of a certain religion, The Batman chose to sacrifice himself to save everyone. He was making this choice not only for his friends and allies, but he was saving everyone else as well. The scum and villains of the world and the mentally insane people who roam the streets of Gotham daily, they were all saved through this one man’s selfless act. But his legacy does not end there. No. In an industry where death is never permanent, mainly due to the physical nature of having super powers, resurrection is almost certain. For a being of no super strength, super speed, or magic rings, how can a simple man be brought back to life? I can’t help but think that this has been documented and celebrated in certain religions involving bunnies and eggs.

UntitledWanted on many accounts for arrest, as he does not follow the city nor the national statute for law as he is a vigilante, he too spreads his name (though in fear and not in hope). Just like an individual wanted for crimes against the state some 2000+ years ago, in an effort to spread hope and the new word. Though the first time we are introduced to these two worldly messengers is at their conception. Their origins are much different, as one is brought through pain and sorrow of life lost, and the other is through the miracle of life gained. Over the course of their following years, until their defined identity (Batman/Savior) spreads, we know little about their whereabouts or what they are doing (preparing to save us all).

Every great messiah of the people is surrounded by his close knit group of friends and followers, the true believers, twelve disciples if you will. As a man who people believe in, trust in and are willing to follow to the ends of the Earth (whatever the multiverse earth number it is), Batman also has his dozen allies (Batfamily as it is referred to), including someone that has the potential to sell him out to the lawmen (because he is a lawman himself). Though in the end, there is no public humiliation, torment or crucifixion.

12 Disciples of the church of Batman: Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, Damian Wayne, Azrael, Alfred, Luke Fox, Barbra Gordon, Helena Bertinelli, Cass Cain, Stephanie Brown, Jim Gordon as well as many other close followers.

thCAXG45WTMore importantly to the point, one of The Batman’s arch nemeses is referred to as The Demon’s Head, Ra’s Al Ghul. In this, we can compare the stories and teachings that amount to heaven and hell. If someone struggles and fights constantly against the demon, this doesn’t make them automatically a heavenly being. What I believe allows me to make the comparison to a divine entity is the previously mentioned facts; the inability to die or stay dead, the lack of supernatural powers and yet able to perform miracles, and the following he has. As he always does, this protector saves the world from some terrible scheme the Demon’s Head has concocted, only to have the many faces of the demon appear some time later with a new temptation or evil ploy.

Though he has a real name, Bruce Wayne, he has forgone using that. Electing to not only be the mantle of the bat (savior) but also by instilling the idea there is a Batman (messiah). That if you believe in him, if you put your faith in him, he can do amazing things for you. I’m not trying to step on any religious toes, but there are many themes and ideas that cross over from one Holy Scripture to another “Holy Scripture Batman!” as Burt Ward would say.