Conan vs. Zombies in “Conan The Slayer” #5 (Review)

Nov 30, 2016


conan3Conan the Slayer #5
Dark Horse Comics

Written by: Cullen Bunn
Art by: Sergio Davila
Colors by: Michael Atiyeh

In Conan The Slayer #5 Taraslan and his tribe are on the hunt for the new Hetman’s treasonous brother Kyrylo with Conan taking the lead in protecting the young ruler. The injured Cimmerian decides to go it alone as he tracks Kyrylo to a ruined citadel and is attacked by an army of the dead. Never one to run in fear, Conan fights on but dispatching these zombie soldiers releases a deadlier threat that even Conan himself might not be able to defeat.

The story is well paced and Bunn is really good at not having wasted exposition, especially with characters whose actions are supposed to speak volumes. Davila’s attention to detail is welcome and vivid, showcasing the brutality of the combat as well as the debris flying around. The twist at the end of the issue is also compelling as it challenges Conan’s own sensibilities and place in this mission.

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Conan The Slayer #5 is a well-paced story and engaging plot presented by bunn that is helped by Davila’s detail oriented visuals.

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