Cosplay Gallery: Female Riddler

Mar 4, 2014


Every first and third Monday of the month, we at Geeks With Wives post a gallery filled with professional quality photos. These photos can be of one specific cosplayer in a single outfit or of a group of cosplayers portraying a single theme.

To properly kick us off, here is one of our own! Miss Nightmare Vixen in her rendition of Batman’s “The Riddler”!

Tell us a little about this cosplay and why you chose to do it:
“The Riddler” has always been one of my very favorite Batman villains. I had originally put together a female Riddler once before this for Halloween 2009. This was before I even know that “cosplay” was a thing. I think took her to Sakuracon 2010 and was shocked at how many people loved her and wanted to take pictures with me! With every year that my craft developed, I always wanted to come back to Riddler and give her a proper go. I finally was able to for the midnight release of “Batman: Arkham Origins” thanks to the help of Fiendle! She took a look at my design and brought my drawings to life! What’s really great is that she was able to use the question mark my dad and I designed so it really felt like the two Riddler outfits were connected. I even got to rebuild my cane this go around into a much more question mark shape. Over all, I’m very proud of how Riddler 2.0 came out!


All photos taken by Thomas Good (

All photos taken by Thomas Good (

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