Could Armie Hammer Be Up For A Role In ‘The Batman’ Opposite Deathstroke?

Dec 4, 2016


Some social media activity from actor Armie Hammer (Free Fire, The Man From U.N.C.L.E., Social Network) might suggest that he could be up for a role in the DC Comics cinematic universe, key word being “might”.

After DC Entertainment head/screenwriter Geoff Johns and Hammer started following each other on Twitter speculation started to build. As we’ve been noticing over the months that specificially this kind of activity does lead to news with DC stuff.

Fans automatically thought this was some sort of Green Lantern casting, but seems way too early for that kind of stuff as some other information seems to give the impression it might be for another DC project. A little bananas also considering that Green Lantern Corps. is without a screenwriter, director or even a release date. It seemed like a big reach, when some reporters had come out to deny this was the case.

Not to mention that movies like Aquaman and The Batman are actively casting roles as their production starts are coming up soon. Let’s also remember that Johns is co-writing The Batman with Ben Affleck and he would be closely involved with the casting process.

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Armie’s exchange with The Batman‘s Joe Manganiello later on Twitter, suggests if there is a possible role or an upcoming audition it could be connected to his character Slade Wilson aka Deatstroke. Joe seemingly congratulating him and mentioning an upcoming meet up.


It’s been confirmed that Joe’s Deathstroke would be one of the villains of Ben Affleck‘s solo Batman film and there’s already been speculation on who from Gotham has hired the mercernary. Black Mask, was one of the fan-favorite villains yet to make an on screen debut that everyone wanted to see Christopher Nolan tackle in Dark Knight Returns, yet never came together.

Roman Sionis aka Black Mask, becomes a central mob figure/kingpin in Gotham and in the game Arkham Origins puts out a hit on Batman hiring the likes of Deathstroke and Deadshot among other assassins.

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Another possible role for the 30 year old actor could be a grown-up Dick Grayson aka Nightwing, as the character had been originally linked to be apart of Batman v Superman then was scrapped altogether. Grayson also has his own history with Slade Wilson and there has been talk of a possible Teen Titans movie in the works.

Then again, he’s been playing around with the rumor as well.



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