Could Syfy Save ‘Constantine’?

Feb 10, 2015


It’s no secret that NBC’s Constantine has been struggling in the ratings. With the show not getting picked up for an extension after its initial thirteen episode order, the future of the series is looking bleak. But could John Constantine have a guardian angel waiting to save him from TV cancellation? A new report suggests that there could be hope still for Constantine and his friends, by finding home at a new network.

Cinelinx was the first to break the news that NBC may be looking to move Constantine to Syfy channel, one of the many networks under the corporations umbrella. The idea of the move is that the show could compete better, with a smaller ratings scale, and at the same time, get a new name change. If the show were to make the jump to Syfy, it could be getting re-titled Hellblazer, coming closer to its comic roots than before.

The show, based on the DC Comic series Hellblazer, sees Matt Ryan as the chain smoking demon hunter, bent on saving his soul, and maybe a few people along the way. While the show doesn’t have the biggest audience, its fan base is passionate for the series and the characters, so it makes sense that NBC would be looking to try and save it. Especially with comic book TV shows and movies being all the rage right now. Moving the show to cable could be better as well, because along with the name change, you could change the tone of the show and take it farther than before. You could get away with doing some of the darker stories from the Hallblazer comics, as well as sticking to the tone of the series, and not having to water it down for the network censors.

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This could all be good news for the series, as well as its fans, but don’t go jumping for joy just yet. Nothing official has been brought forward on a revival, and Cinelinx is even a little skeptical if the show could make the jump. But the fact that the show could potentially return is rather huge, and it’s something that we can all hope that NBC will take a chance on. The show has a lot of potential, especially on cable, and as it would be really disappointing if the show was struck down as it has seemed to finally have found its stride. Here’s hoping that NBC and WB can find a way to keep Constantine alive, because I’ll certainly be tuning in if returns.

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