Countdown Until Now! A Kickstarter Comic Anthology

Oct 5, 2014

Mad Cave Studios


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400 people from all over the world came together for an intimate three day weekend famously known as Morrison Con at the Hard Rock Café in Sin City. Life long friendships were formed, and a couple have since gotten married. A group of comic writers, artists, and fans were inspired by three days of art, story, and talk of achieving other planes of existence, a small group decided to come together to produce an anthology like no other.

The past, the present, the future bleed into one singular moment. Genres of every stripe, art styles of every mark. Dimension jumpers, convention attendees, crime fighting crusaders, little Vikings, and, even little old ladies converge into one comic anthology.

Countdown Until Now is a thrilling, eclectic mix of talent, genres and stories. Our team of nearly twenty creators from all walks of life have a tale to tell. Some of us wrote about our time together, others had their own worlds that needed exploring. We’re bound by the madness we experienced together, and let us share it with you with our collection of 11 stories.

Here are some of the following reasons we are trying crowdfund $4,500:
* A print run of 500 of our 11 story, 63 page book (printed in the USA on premium paper)

* Rewards (bookmarks, postcards, posters, bookplates)

* Shipping+Handling

* Amazon/Kickstarter’s fees

* Pay our lovely production artist

* Promotional material and costs

Comic anthology comic writers and artist include: Alex Chung, Chuck Kelly, Katie Longua, Patrick Meaney, Bryan West, Henry Barajas, Asher Powell and many more. This creator owned comic was made by an eclectic group from all over the world. Click here to visit our Kickstarter page.