WordPress FAQ

Hello and welcome to our WordPress FAQ Guide. We will continue to update this as suggestions and questions come rolling through.

Last updated: 8-11-18

  1. How do I add a featured image?
    A: When creating a new post, on the right side of the page, you’ll notice a Featured Image section.

    Here, be sure to select “Set Featured Image” then locate the image saved on your computer.
    Once you have uploaded the image, you should see it displayed similar to below:*This is also known as the header image. Once you publish your post, or submit your post for review, the Featured Image will now be displayed automatically at the top of the page.
  2.  Images must be within 300k. How do I resize an image?
    *NOTE: There is no dimensions limit, the photo itself can be 300 x 400 or 1600 x 1000 as long as the actual size of the image is 300k or less.

    There are multiple ways to check the size of your images. If you have the file saved on your PC, simply right click the file and select Properties and here you should see the size of the file. If it is above 300k, please be sure to resize it. One application that is useful is Infranview, with it you can simply scale down the image size without losing the images integrity or resolution.

    You can also view the image size once you have uploaded an image by navigating to the MEDIA section in WordPress, selecting the image and the size of the image will be displayed on the right.
  3. REVIEWS: How do I post a review score?
    When creating a new post, scroll down to the bottom of the page until you see the following option:

    Be sure to select “Yes”, then the section will expand.
    The only options that are required are “Product Name” and “Overall” as shown below.
    For Product Name, be sure to list the name of the comic with the issue number, or the name of the Game, or TV show/Film
    For Overall, be sure to list the score, It’s a 1-10 scale so if you select 90, it will be a 9.0 score.
  4. Which Categories do I use?
    Depending on the subject, use either News, Games, Entertainment, Hardware, Cosplay, Podcasts or Collectibles.
  5. How many Tags do I use? For tags, please be sure to limit “Tags” to 10.
    Anything more will be removed.

    For which tags to use, be sure to list the subject of the topic you are covering as a tag.
    For Example, if you are reviewing a Plastic Man comic written by Gail Simone, tags such as: Gail Simone, Plastic Man, DC Comics, Review, [Insert Supporting Characters name here], etc..

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to ask myself or any of the Senior Editors.


Thank you.