Creature Cops #3 Makes Science Fiction Into Science Fact.

Mar 31, 2015

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CreatureCops003-coverCreature Cops: Special Varmint Unit #3
IDW Publishing

Writer: Rob Anderson
Penciler: Fernando Melek
Inker: Novo Malgap
Colorist: Juan Romers

Catching up with the SVU department in this comic book world, we find out that there has been a supply of these hybrid animals being sent to an illegal fighting ring which happens to involve a death cult. A death cult who happens to worship H.P. Lovecraft’s idea of horror in the beastly body of Cthulhu. And in this scientifically advanced world where griffons exist (Hybrid of an eagle and lion), it isn’t too farfetched to believe someone would make this giant winged creature, complete with tentacle bearded head.CreatureCops-03-pr-3-78dd2 (416x640)

If covers help you make your judgment on whether or not your going to read a book, then I don’t see how you won’t pick this one up. With a terrifying Cthulhu like monster on the cover, thanks to artist Fernando Melek and colorist Kevin Volo, this cover has to have anyone that loves the Lovecraftian Beastiary excited. For a comic that I felt was a little dreamlike, with the idea of a world where man can splice animals together to their desire, I was a little shocked at the level of action that wrapped up this portion of the story. Granted that the Special Varmint Unit was in a life or death situation with a monstrously strong beast that was made for the death cult.

This issue comes to an end with the team solving the case, and forming some strong bonds both between the humans of the unit and their animal companions. I’m not sure if I am reading this comic to see all the different creations of the hybrids, or for the dangers of playing god and creating new species. It is a fun book in either case that has me smiling at the creatures that play center stage and the script that has me wondering what is coming up next.


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