‘Criminal’ Director Ariel Vromen To Make Reboot ‘Rambo: New Blood’; Stallone Not Returning

Oct 28, 2016


The Hollywood Reporter has learned that indeed Sly Stallone’s Rambo: The Last Blood is officially dead as a door-nail, as a reboot is now in development. Nu Image/Millennium Films is now looking to reboot the Rambo franchise with Rambo: New Blood.

They’ve hired Brooks McLaren to write and Criminal‘s Ariel Vromen to direct.


screen-shot-2016-10-28-at-4-58-04-pmNu Image/Millennium Films is plotting a reboot of the classic 1980s action franchise that starred Sylvester Stallone, tapping Brooks McLaren to pen the script and Ariel Vromen to direct the feature.

Titled Rambo: New Blood, the new reboot would not see Stallone return as the action hero, like he did in Millennium’s 2008 outting, but would see a younger actor inhabit the role. The company is looking at Rambo as a character akin to James Bond. 

Rambo was the lead character in a 1972 novel by David Morrell titled First Blood. Hollywood adapted the book into the hit 1982 movie that starred Stallone in a story that despite its action trappings looked at issues facing disaffected Vietnam War vets. (It also veered from the book by having its protagonist live at the end of the story.)

It’ll be interesting if they’ll end-up going back to Vietnam War or going with a more modern incarnation possibly using the backdrop of the equally disliked Iraq War, which also produced countless veterans suffering with PTSD.

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Stallone made it clear months back that he ended the development on the fifth installment and hoped to see it rebooted with a younger actor. Suggesting that Ryan Gosling potential take over the iconic action role.


Although, we’d much rather see Nightcrawler‘s Jake Gyllenhaal take the role instead.



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