Crossover #13: Image Comics Review

May 10, 2022

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So it has been a long hard road, a tough couple of months. Why? Well, because umm… how to actually put this without giving anything away, Emotions! It has been well over two months, yes two, since we the readers nay the fans held a fresh copy of the brilliant series Crossover in our geeky hands. I would cry for justice but after reading the latest issue, emotions, emotions took over. For a couple of reasons but brilliance is yet to follow. I am babbling incoherently yes, I know but this is the emotional side coming through and not the reviewer within me.



In the latest issue, we start at the end of the fight that started in the final panels of Crossover #12. This issue may start at the end but it does a terrific job of pulling the reader deeper into the maze that is Crossover. How is this done? Well, it is written from the perspective of a dying man. His hopes dreams and what he would have wanted to accomplish before the final installment hits. What he intended the journey to be, but from his perspective where he is lying in a pool of his own blood the story he wanted to tell, the goal he wanted to reach, is unreachable. But, the story is not over yet, and even if he won’t be able to see the eventual outcome in this fictitious world that he so desperately desired, we might. 

Although the story at the end of this issue leaves you in a state of shock and denial, it still manages to create hope. For a better and brighter future, a way to end the madness, a new tomorrow.

Final thoughts.

I have been a huge fan of Crossover. The endless possibilities they can create within this world from the first issue. From thinking, I know what and where the story is heading to being absolutely flabbergasted at what the next issue brings. Being thrown for a loop time and again, hoping, dreaming, and playing out possibilities in my head between issues. And with the latest addition, it is taken beyond that and actually starts playing with your emotions. Without noticing I have grown attached to each and every character of this amazing series. Whether they are a guest appearance or a story original, I do not want to say goodbye to any of them.

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