The Crossover Event You Need to Read, a “Star Trek Green Lantern #5” REVIEW

Nov 17, 2015


stgl1Star Trek Green Lantern #5 of 6

Written By: Mike Johnson
Art By: Angel Hernandez
Colors By: Alejandro Sanchez

If you haven’t been paying attention to this crossover event, then you have been missing out on some high quality space drama-action. With the Star Trek Universe being full of bold, dangerous aliens and strange uncharted worlds, it’s easy to see how the Green Lantern Corps and the other spectrum lanterns could fit so seamlessly into this event. Throughout the five issues so far in this series, we have seen some of the fan favorite characters from Star Trek get selected by stgl4various rings as they get  a crash course in how to properly use them. Add in the experienced ring slingers like Hal Jordon and Sinestro, and we have a cross over comic where the two franchises are a perfect marriage.

The story so far has been fairly straight forward, taking a few twists with each new chapter. First it was us discovering which villains of the Star Trek Universe got the spectrum lantern rings and which heroes were selected as well. Then we got to see Hal Jordon and the veteran lanterns from across the emotional spectrum instruct our new recruits on how to use the weapons along with finding out what the main threat and reason for these to titans to clash in an epic crossover.

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Now, in  issue #5 all-out war has erupted as all of the ring bearers converge and of course wage war with each other. A new turn of events comes in the form of back up support from some of the Green Lantern Corps greatest warriors (Guy and Kilowog), as well as the surprise that a planet that was destroyed has been brought back, announcing the arrival of the overall threat, Nekron and the Black Lantern Corp. Leaving us with a monumental cliffhanger for the final issue next month.

The two universes, DC’s Green Lantern and IDW’s Star Trek are two universes full of colorful villains and heroes, literally. With all of the battles raging across the panels, Angel Hernandez was busy showing us the tricks of the lantern trade and how the Trekkers would create phasers and other items familiar to them with their rings to defend themselves in this war. Paired with the coloring of Alejandro Sanchez, this single issue of the series felt very complete. With plenty of action colored all across the emotional spectrum, and a story that is coming to its final chapter, I couldn’t have been happier with how this issue and series as a whole has progressed. It feels like Mike Johnson is writing a story tailored to the fans of both properties and has not disappointed once. Seeing Jordon sitting in Kirk’s captain’s chair, and then him giving back the symbolic chair to the captain was a great moment as these two powerful and heroic figures share a moment. Needless to say, if the first 5 issues is anything to elude to how great of a final issue we will get, then I cannot wait to read it.

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